Here at Perdiswell we run a fantastic junior swim school programme and a fabulous adult swim school programme

Junior Swim school Programme

Swimming is a fundamental life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to develop and help them stay safe near the water.

Perdiswell Leisure Centre works in partnership with Swim England and offers a great environment for children from 3 months of age or to learn how to swim, improve their swimming skills or find new aquatic challenges at our Freedom Leisure swim school.

Swim School offers Group lessons, Crash Courses ideal for additional support or learning new aquatic skills and Private lessons for those that need a more individual approach.


How will I be notified that I have a space on the swim school?

Providing you haven’t cancelled your lessons, you will continue with the same date and time.

What if I’m not ready to return to swimming lessons just yet?

If you choose not to return on the date we restart our programme then please inform us as soon as possible.

Can I get changed & showered before my lesson?

We are following Swim England guidelines by asking our customers to arrive ‘Beach Ready’ for their lesson. Please arrive via the poolside fire exit.

Are changing facilities available after my lesson?

Yes, the changing village will be available after your swimming lesson; however, no showers will be available. To assist us with cleaning for the next session, please be as prompt as possible.

Do I need to wear a face covering in the swimming pool area?

We are asking that Parents / Adults wear face coverings in the changing areas at all times and encouraging the use of face coverings whilst moving throughout our Centres.

Are there lockers available?

Lockers will be available, however, lockers are padlock operated therefore you will need to purchase a padlock at reception or bring your own in from home.

Can I borrow swim equipment such as goggles, float aids & hats?

We will not lend out equipment such as goggles & hats however each student will have float aids available as & when required during the lesson. The equipment used within each lesson is thoroughly cleaned before & after lessons.

Can I sit on poolside and spectate while my child has a lesson?

Yes, spectator seating is available. Seats are spaced to allow for social distancing, please refrain from moving any of the tape or using mobile devices in this area. Food and hot drinks are prohibited around the poolside seating area. Where possible, please help us control our numbers by only bringing one spectator per visit.

How will I know what changes have been made when I arrive?

We have safety notices available, showing the guidelines which must be adhered to. When you arrive for your first swimming lesson our Centre representative will advise you of the changes. Please also look out for updates via email and on our Centres social media page.

It’s been months since the previous lesson, how will I or my child remember what was taught?

You’ll be surprised by what we can remember, however our teachers will recap on important key areas of the Stage/Wave over the first few lessons to ensure active learning continues.

How have these COVID-19 guidelines changed how teachers will interact with students?

Teachers will teach students from poolside and not in the water unless absolutely necessary. There will be no physical contact and safe distancing will always be followed. Float aids and other specific lesson equipment will be used to support younger children as they develop through the Stages/Waves.

What have you done to make swimming lessons safe?

The swimming pool is one of the safest areas to be in due to the chemicals used to keep this area safe & clean. We have increased our cleaning checks and deep cleans across all Centres and we have also adapted our Swim Programs, limiting lesson numbers and staggering timings. Our teachers are also going through IOS Return to Poolside courses prior to our program start date.

Can I arrive early for my swim lesson?

We would ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your lesson is due to start. This gives you time to make your way to the Swimming Pool area.

How do I stay up to date on changes & guidelines in place at my centre?

We would suggest frequently visiting this FAQ page for any additional updates, as well as visiting your Centres webpage and following your Centres social media pages. From time to time we will send news & updates to you via email and text message.


adult swim programme from 17 May

It’s never too late to start your swimming journey whether you are at the beginning of your journey learning to swim for the first time, looking to improve your technique and skills or looking for support with training for a specific event.

Within our adult swim programme members will have their own goals and work at their own pace supported by our fully qualified instructors. Private lessons are available for those who would appreciate more individual support.

Intensive lessons

Our intensive swimming lessons will return for May half term. We will be running stages 1-4, which are suitable for complete beginners and intermediate levels.

08:30 – stage 4, 09:00 – stage 2, 09:30 – stage 4,10:00 – stage 1

 Some of the benefits of the intensive lessons are:

  • Smaller groups so children can progress quickly
  • If there is anything in particular the child needs to work on this will be covered during the 4 days
  • Children will be active through half term
  • Fantastic confidence booster
  • Value for money

The cost of the course is just £24, spaces are limited, so hurry and book your space today!

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