adult swim programme

adult swim programme

If you are an adult who cannot swim, you are not alone. A survey conducted by Swim England suggested that one in five adults in England cannot swim – but the good news is it really is never too late to learn!

Whether you are at the beginning of your swimming journey learning to swim for the first time or looking to improve your technique and skills, Freedom Leisure has the programme to suit your needs.

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Swim England Adult Framework

  • Be Water Confident – introduction to the swimming pool environment, water confidence and swimming skills for those who have never had the opportunity to learn or who are nervous of the aquatic environment.
  • Be a Swimmer – for those who are looking to learn to swim, develop water confidence and skills.
  • Be a Better Swimmer – develop stroke technique and more advanced skills such as tumble turns, diving and understanding lane etiquette
  • Be a Master Swimmer – a more swim club like training session with support to improve stroke technique. For those who enjoy the workout in the gym, you can get just as an effective workout in the pool as you can in the gym!

The Adult Swimming Programme provides support and instruction for all abilities and ages

Within our adult swim programme members will have their own goals and work at their own pace supported by our fully qualified instructors.