The Member Journey- what sets us apart from the rest?

When you sign up you are entitled to a FREE Gym Orientation, Fitness Programme & Coach Catch Up.

This will give you all the tools you need and most importantly a great start to achieving your fitness & health goals! 

Gym Orientation

The Orientation is the start of your Fitness Journey! They are a great way to meet the fitness team, learn how to use the equipment safely and effectively, learn the basic techniques and it gives you the confidence to enter the gym.

You don’t have to be a beginner either - you might be interested in squatting correctly and using the squat rack or using our MyRide virtual cycling studios. 

Which orientation will suit you and your needs? Check out our traffic light system below to find out your fitness journey will start!

Red Light/Full orientation- New to exercise (or maybe it has been a while!) 60 mins.

We’ll spend up to an hour discussing your goals and lifestyle circumstances, select and show you how to use the equipment that will help you achieve those goals, discuss how easy/hard to work, for how long and how often.

We can also make recommendations on other centre activities such as Group Exercise or swimming.

Amber Light/ 30 minute orientation- Done it before but could use a refresher. 30 mins.

In which case, we’ll help to fill in any gaps that you have. We’d like to discuss your goals with you so that we can help as much as possible and make some recommendations for you that will help you achieve them.

Green Light/Quick start- Not new to exercise and happy to get stuck straight in. 5 mins.

In which case, we’ll simply introduce ourselves, start you off on your 1st workout and be on-hand to answer any questions that may arise. We can always arrange more time to help thereafter.

FREE Programme & Coach Catch Ups! 

Programmes and Coach Catch Ups are included in your membership and can be booked in anytime.

Fitness Programme 

A 45 minute appointment with our highly qualified fitness team to discuss and set your health and fitness goals to create a programme. 

The program will be created using the Techno Gym platform and then sent straight to your Gym Mywellness App where you can follow track your progress in the gym and watch the exercise technique videos. 

What is a Coach Catch Up? 

It is 30 minute check in with one of fitness team to keep you on track with your fitness and health goals.

The coach can show you some new exercises, help you with technique, set new goals and give you all the advice and support you need to keep you motivated.

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