Meet the fitness team

Meet our brilliant fitness team!


About me: I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly 2 years, after a total change of career. My passion is group exercise, I love teaching groups and hope that I make it as enjoyable as possible, increasing confidence in the process. I aim to make a difference to peoples fitness and attitudes.

Specialist Area: Body combat and making people smile!!

Training Tip: Push yourself past your comfort zone, it’s mind over matter, always try for that one extra REP. You’ve got this

Greatest Accomplishment: Quite simply having my little boy (questionable at times…..4 going on 18) and hopefully being the best Mummy that I can possibly be!

Favourite Quote: Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.

Favourite Food: Mexican food! Anything with a kick!


About me: I am Strength and Conditioning Masters Student and have a BSc in Sports Therapy. I have worked with a variety of high-level athletes, and I am currently doing an Internship with Worcester Warriors Academy. I am a 400m sprinter who has competed at National Level and had the opportunity to compete for England. 

Specialist Area: Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning, Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation and Olympic Lifting. 

Training Tip: Lift heavy and lift well. Always go into the gym with a plan. Keep it simple sometimes, never underestimate the basics 

Greatest Accomplishment: 400m BUCS Sliver Medal & England Championships Bronze Medal and Competing for England in the 4x400m Relay Team

Favourite Quote: "Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of a great opportunity" Michael Johnson 

Favourite Food: Sri Lankan Kottu 


About me: I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years, I am very passionate about fitness and I love my running, especially running marathons. I love to sing (awful) and I am a very chatty person so I love to make people feel comfortable in the gym and in my classes.

Specialist Area: Strength conditioning and rehabilitation. I have a sports massage background which helps with personal training clients. I am also a run coach and help newbie runners.

Training Tip: ‘Run the Mile you’re in!

Greatest Accomplishment: I have ran 21 marathons and my fastest time is 3:23, I have fundraised over £3,000 for anorexia and bulimia care after years battling with an eating disorder myself.

Favourite Quote: ‘Pain is temporary, Pride is forever!’

Favourite Food: I know it’s not a food but I love Coffee!!


About me: I'm 31 with 2 kids, I love my football and support Villa! I have worked as a chef, so I can give you meal ideas and recipes, just ask! I'm a Level 2 fitness instructor and Level 3 personal trainer working towards my Level 4 strength and conditoning.

Specialist area: High intensity training, Body Transformations, Weight loss, Weight gain and any fitness goal that you have, we will achieve it together.

Training tip: Lifting weights is better than cardio for weight loss.

Greatest accomplishment: My kids, I just want to make them proud. My fitness accomplishment was being able to pass army selection with a 1 ½ mile runtime of 10:00 minutes.

Favourite quote: You can results or excuses, not both (Arnold Schwarzenegger)


About me: I love helping people to build a healthy lifestyle and confidence in the gym through making sustainable changes to have a positive impact on health and day to day living. Whether you’re new to training and are unsure of where to start and need confidence to learn the correct techniques, or have been training for a while and need help to overcome a plateau with advanced training methods and a fresh look at your programme.

Specialist area: Strength training and conditioning

Training tip: Learn to create a positive internal dialogue. During the last few reps of a heavy set of the middle section of a longer interval when it really counts your internal dialogue can either work with you, or against.

Greatest accomplishment: Still being able to PB my squat after 2 knee surgeries

Favourite quote: Push for progress, not perfection.

Favourite food: Pad Thai


About me: I'm Dom, a qualified nutritionist and level 3 personal trainer. I have now been working in the fitness industry for around 5 years and love helping my clients towards a healthy lifestyle!

Specialist Area: Nutrition & long term health and sustainable weight loss

Nutrition Tip: For optimal health, focus less on protein and more on fibre

Greatest Accomplishment: Graduating with a BSC degree in Nutrition, Exercise & Health

Favourite Quote: Eat smart, not less!

Favourite Food: Sushi + dark chocolate


About me: I have worked in the industry for over 5 years gaining a solid reputation as someone who genuinely cares about getting results for my clients. My style of training is intense shocking the body to get the results the clients demand. 

Specialist area: Weight training / high intensity training / bodybuilding

Training tip: Stay strong

Greatest accomplishment: Staying strong

Favourite quote: “Never let those who lack belief in themselves rob you of yours” - Dorian Yates

Favourite food: Steak


About me:
I love seeing people achieve their goals in life and in the gym. I play for Worcester RFC as a Centre and I enjoy watching football as Leicester City fan winning the FA cup was amazing!

Specialist Area: Strength and Conditioning

Training Tip:Track your progress.

Greatest Accomplishment: Completed the Southampton and Birmingham Half Marathon  

Favourite Quote: Winners find a way, Losers find an excuse

Favourite Food: Fish and rice cake