Children's parties

We can offer a party to suit all age groups and interests. You can choose from a wide range of activities including dry and wet parties. Below you will find information on our most popular party options, but if you would like something a little different please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

Pendulum inflatable

Try our new aqua run challenge! A Pendulum inflatable party is for a maximum number of 30 and is available on a Saturday 3:00pm-6:30pm and a Sunday 12pm-5pm. Come and see if you can pass the climbing wall!

All pool parties are subject to our admission policy of:

Age 0-3 = 1 adult per child

Age 4-7 = 1 adult per 2 children

Age 8+ = Swim unsupervised.

*Adult = responsible person over the age of 16.

Bouncy castle parties

Our ‘Planet Penyrheol’ bouncy castle party is ideal for our child’s party, a bouncy castle that includes a slide, soft play and interaction area ensures your child has a party to remember.

Bouncy castle parties are currently for a maximum of 30 people and are available on a Saturday 2pm-4:00pm and a Sunday 10:15am-4:00pm.

Football parties

Our football parties include use of the football goals and football bibs with a member of staff on hand to divide children into team and supervise the party.

Football parties are for a maximum of 40 children and are available on a Saturday 11:15am-5:30pm and a Sunday 10:15am-5:30pm.

Roller skating / scooter parties

We would love to host your skating / scooter parties here, bring your favourite scooter or pair of blade for a roller / scotter disco party. A member of staff will ensure the safety of all the children and adults by directing them in one direction around the Sports Hall

Roller skating parties are for a maximum of 40 and are available on a Saturday 11:15am-4:00pm and a Sunday 10:15am-4:00pm.

All party durations are 55minutes.

Call 01792 897039 or send your details via the form below and we'll be in touch.

To ensure the safety and security of all its customers Penyrheol Leisure Centre operates a strict Photographic Policy. When you book a party with us you will be asked to complete a permission slip to enable you to photograph your party only (only available for dryside parties)