We’re delighted to announce that Marina Leisure Centre is being supported by HFE (Health and Fitness Education), to provide additional training and qualifications to our existing team of fitness instructors so that they can deliver more water-based exercise classes. Initially, this relationship will see members of the team complete the Level 2 Aqua Instructor Course.

Water-based exercise is becoming increasingly popular and at times it can be challenging to keep up with the demand. We anticipate that this new partnership will allow us to be able to offer a much greater access to these classes. 

Aqua fitness, which is a low-impact mode of exercise, is especially popular with those who cannot perform high-intensity and high-impact activities, like those with musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis and back pain. Aqua fitness classes combine cardiovascular, strength, endurance, flexibility, and skill-based elements of fitness into a low-impact class that is enjoyable and at times often quite social. The water provides a natural resistance which participants work against, and creates a buoyancy effect which further reduces the stress and impact on joints.

HFE have a reputation for quality training and education within the health and fitness industry and this new partnership is expected to allow us to develop more diverse skills amongst the existing team so that we can offer even greater access to water-based fitness sessions.  

Although the training is completed remotely online, our team will undertake a range of theory and practical subjects that will develop their knowledge and understanding so that they can deliver safe and effective aqua sessions.

It’s fantastic to see that the team at Marina Leisure Centre want to invest in their existing team members and we’re confident that the whole community will benefit. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to provide some support beyond just the training.

Lee Cain

Managing Director at HFE

HFE are a Training Provider Partner of CIMSPA and the qualifications that the team achieve will also be fully recognised by CIMSPA. Currently, they offer over 30 separate qualifications across a variety of professional fitness roles, including personal training, Pilates instruction, yoga, sports massage and other more specialist wellbeing roles.

Including water-based classes at Marina will be a fantastic addition to our already packed programme of group exercise classes. I am convinced our customers are going to love coming to ‘Aqua’ and I’d like to thank HFE for making this possible by providing this vital online learning for our colleagues.

Martin Marsh

Freedom Leisure Area Manager

Water-based workouts are an enjoyable form of exercise for many. For those looking for something fun and effective without the intensity of high-impact training, this is ideal. The workout boasts good cardiovascular benefits by gently increasing your heart and breathing rate. Aqua-based exercises can also help strengthen the muscles through the physical exertion used to counteract water resistance.

With its increasing popularity, it is important for us to meet the desires and needs of our community. With the support of HFE, we are now able to expand our classes to include safe, engaging aqua-based workouts for everyone.