Gym & Fitness Classes

Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you've been using a gym for a while, here at Manor Leisure Centre we have everything you need to achieve your goals with our extensive range of equipment from the world leading specialists Technogym. Our greatest asset is our staff, highly trained and passionate about the industry who can offer you advice along the way.

our new Technogym equipment is now installed

The Manor is excited to announce the arrival of Techogym as our new fitness equipment supplier. The fabulous new fitness equipment will suit all our customers and those of you thinking of joining The Manor. We have extended the weights area and brought in the latest kit which we have never had here before at the Manor including the SKILLMILL, SKILLROW and SKILLBIKE.

A unique solution offering a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body's energy systems and turn you into a peak performer.

Speak to a member of our team on your next visit and get a full insight into the benefits of the SKILL collection

Our gym is fully equipped with state of the art resistance and cardio machines. All come with the latest entertainment systems, Internet compatibility to connect with social media sites and Netflix and the ability to plug in your phone to enjoy your favourite music, or even track your progress with the TECHNOGYM WELLNESS APP


cardio training

Cardio keeps your heart and lungs healthy, strenghthens bones and aids fat burning, making it a key part of any workout.

Get your heart pumping using our top of the range machines that are both simple and fun to use, from treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes and stair machines.

training with weights

Weight training is important for balance, co-ordination and strength. Build a stronger body with our new and extended free weights area, which includes leg and chest plated machines, squat rack, cable cross over machines, smith machine and a huge selection of dunmbells which will cater for complete beginners to seasoned gym-goers.

Group Fitness Classes

We all know it’s so much easier to stay healthy when you enjoy yourself whilst working out

There are numerous advantages to participating in fitness classes here at the Manor.  Alongside the physical benefits such as improved cardio fitness, weight loss and enhanced muscle tone, classes are a great source of motivation to work harder during a training session, thanks to the encouragement of both your instructor and fellow class-goers. Booking into a regular class will help you to maintain a routine and keep you on your journey. Our passionate instructors will help you to feel comfortable, no matter what you experience level is. And finally, classes give you the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships.

Les Mills Classes - World Leading Fitness Programme

Body Combat : A class that lets you punch and kick your way to your fitness goals. Superb for fat burning! 

Body Attack : A fantastic team approach to exercise, Body Attack makes you feel alove whilst pumping out some energising tunes. Combining athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping. Caters for beginners to total addicts. 

Body Pump : An ideal workout if your looking to get lean, toned and fit. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. Body Pump gives you a total body workout. 

Step : A Class that will get your heart rate up and increase cardio fitness. Burn calories, tone and shape your bum and legs. Improve co-ordination and agility. 

Body Tone : Toning classes involve completing reps and is designed to increase your metabolism and burn fat. With a variety of exercises to condition your body for the complete full body workout. 

Groove It : NO DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! All you need is a smile and a bit of attitude. Dance yourself fit in a fun and exciting way whilst burning calories at the same time. 

HIIT : High-intensity interval training workout, designed to improve strength, cardio and build lean muscle. 

Group Cycling : With great music pumping and the group cycling as one, your instructor takes you on a journey of hill clinbs, sprints and flat riding. 

Pilates : Combining slow controlled movements to target the deep core muscles, improve posture, balance and co-ordination, 

Just a small example of the classes we have here at the Manor, check out our timetable below for more information

Here at Manor Leisure Centre we offer -

Exercise Referral Scheme.

This is a 12 week programme for people that have been referred by their GP or health professional. What we aim to do with this programme is to restore your health and wellbeing. Also it is a great opportunity to meet people in your community and get active together.

Physiotherapy Referral

The Physiotherapy Referral Scheme is for people that have been referred by a health professional from a physiotherapy department.

What are the aims?

  • To improve your health and lifestyle
  • To keep you strong and improve your mobility and function
  • To continue the hard work and progress you have already made in physiotherapy
  • To provide accessible exercise and prevent the need to revisit NHS pathways

Our qualified fitness instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us for details or click below for more information:

I have belonged to manor for years, in March 2020 I got covid quite bad and now have long covid. The Manor was my life line. Covid effected me lots ways my lungs especially. I would swim two miles each morning. This helped me my lungs my health and mental health . I have emphysema allergies osteoporosis blind spots in right eye and its effected my teeth from covid. The staff was brilliant and so was the other users. I felt great but now nursing broken arm but I cant wait to get back swimming plus I liked classes and now I am going to do more in gym . Its not about looking like an athlete. Its the fitness the staff and other users such friendly place