At Freedom Leisure - Manor, we are actively working towards reducing our carbon foorprint and making our leisure centre as energy efficient as possible.

Only our objectives dont stop at our front door!

We are also commited to increasing environmental awareness amongst you our customers

So we have put together a few ideas about how you might travel to the centre in a more environmentally friendly way: 

Walk, run or cycle

What better way to start your workout than coming to the leisure centre under your own steam, So if you live close to the centre, perhaps you could start your work out early and walk or cycle to the centre

Car share

Love your car? Why not introduce a friend to our favourite workout and share the journey and the fuel costs - one car is better than two!


The leisure centre is only a 5 minute walk from Whittlesey town centre, and with buses running regularly throughtout the day, it could be the answer to your fuel saving needs.


With all of these greener travel options available, you too can play your part in helping the environment - Thank you