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Be a better you - go to that next level with our personal trainers

March 1 2022

Be a better you


Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain lean muscle or you are happy as you are but would like a healthier lifestyle, the Manor is the right choice for you. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin, therefore, even if you are working a busy schedule, finding it hard to meet your fitness goals or would like to get fit, the Manor's personal trainers gives you the flexibility to reach your full potential with individual personal training plans.

Meet your team

Teresa - Personal Trainer 

About Me -

I have been an instructor for over 20 years.
Over the years I have helped people achieve their goals whether is weight loss or weight gain, bulking up or Toning.
I can adapt to anyone's training needs from starting out running to training for a competition.
I love seeing people transform their lives From:
Getting ready for their big day.
Getting back on their feet after an injury.
Building muscle mass.
Streamlining their bodies.
And many more.

Remember its about what you want to achieve, I am here to guide and support you.

Favourite Quotes

  • The Frist step is always the hardest.
  • Once you step foot in the door anything is possible.

Ash - Personal Trainer

About me -

Without realising at the time, my past experiences that led me to now, began when I was a young child. I joined my first sports club in the early years of primary school. That particular sport was gymnastics, and I continued this until my late teens, until eventually I began coaching gymnastics to the younger members of the club.
From a very early age, gymnastics gave me an understanding and knowledge of my body. I gained strength, power, speed as well as a work ethic to train hard in order to achieve results and self improvement.
I also took part in athletics, and would go on to compete in events such as 100m sprint, 200m sprint as well as long jump on a regional level.
After finishing school, I continued my education at college.
I would eventually go on to become a learning support assistant at Stanground Academy, working with teenagers with learning difficulties, behavioural problems and those that required additional support. 
After some years away from physical training I decided I wanted to return and so began training in the gym. I very quickly fell in love and eventually that passion would lead me to a career within the fitness industry, first as a lifeguard, then a gym instructor and continuing as a personal trainer. 
Although not limited to, my passion is resistance training and at some point I'm sure you'll have seen myself in the gym lift a weight or two.
I am someone who having taken part in sports/exercise myself, has benefited from the guidance, knowledge, enthusiasm, encouragement, direction, belief and positivity of another.
I believe these are just some of the qualities that I myself have to offer to you



Abbie - Personal Trainer

About Me -

I have always had a love for fitness and sport from an early age and was a previous member of the leisure centre. I have been a Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Fitness Instructor for 12 years. My main objective is to help you achieve your goals, I like to make your exercise experience fun and motivating, but challenging at the same time! I have many years experience in this field and can focus your training needs to suit you whether this be in weight training, cardio or any of my specialised qualifications.

Training Tips
Set yourself realistic goals. With the right training and technique results will come. Remember results don’t happen overnight and that’s OK!

Favourite Quotes
“Never skip a Monday”

“Your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind that has to continue!

"Mind over matter – focus your mind, your body will follow and you’ll be amazed at what you actually achieve."