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What is Home Portal?

For some time now the swimming teachers have been using iPods during the swimming lessons to access and update class information such as registers and children's progress against the Swim England criteria required to complete the relevant Stage. The information entered onto the iPods is uploaded on to our central administration system (on course) at the end of each block of swimming lessons and has enabled the Swim School Manager and administration team to run the Swim School programme more effectively.

Now, parents/guardians can access their child's progress report via an on-line Home Portal with records updated within 48 hours of the weekly swimming lesson. The Swim School operates a programme of continual assessment with teachers following a specific weekly scheme of work so please be aware that not all areas of a Stage award are assessed every week.

What are the advantages of registering for Home Portal?

Once you have set up a Home Portal account you will be able to access your child's Swimming assessment information at a time convenient to you and from the comfort of your own home.

You will receive an e-mail each time your child successfully completes a Stage of the Swim School Programme, you can then move your child onto the next Stage via Home Portal. Any specific notes, such as medical information, will also automatically transfer to the new class.

How can I access the Home Portal?

Parents/guardians will have to register their child’s details to create a Home Portal account by clicking here. The following information relating to your child is required to set up a Home Portal account

Membership Number:
Child's DOB:
Contact email address:

You will not be able to successfully set up or use a Home Portal account if the information you use to register your child is not identical to the information we hold on the central system. Please call us on 01684 893493 if you think our details may be incorrect or you have trouble registering.

What information can be accessed on-line through the Home Portal?

For security, only a child's first name and their assessment details will appear on their record viewed online. No other contact details are visible.

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