Swimming Pool Refurbishment Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery as works progress with the pool hall and changing village refurbishment.

The swimming pool changing village is undergoing a full refurbishment. Since the 1st September contractors have been undergoing works to clear the existing changing rooms including taking up the existing floor, down to the concrete screed.

Check out the video from week one when lockers and cubicles were removed from the current changing rooms.

Below you can see that the exisitng floor has started to come up from the top end of the changing rooms looking down towards the showers. An opening has been made where the staff area was located, this will now house some larger family cubicles. 

September 5th - 18th

Pictured below is where the exisitng front of house toilets and disabled toilets have been opened up. This will create a much larger area that will now have improved disability changing facilities. 

Here we can see that the work to take up the exisitng floor continues. Further to that another opening has been created that will lead through the the exisiting group changing faciliites. This will now be opened up to allow space for additional cubicles. 

Below you can see further development where the reception and disabled toilets were located. These photos are taken from the current entrance to the changing rooms so you can see there is a lot of space available to us. 

September 18th - 25th

Ductwork for the new air handling system is starting to be installed as you can see from the images below.

The changing village is now being cleared of all debris now that the floor is up and new openings have been created. 

The new layout is starting to take shape as sections of wall have been opened up to make way for new changing areas. The reception toilets and disabled toilets in the changing village will now become one area, which will house improved disability facilities.

We are really excited by what we have seen so far but for more information on the scale of works please click here

September 28th - 4th October

The old flume is now being removed

As we move towards the end of the first month we can see that works have moved to the pool hall. Tiles are starting to be removed from the pool and poolside ready for the fresh, new look. The old flume is starting to be removed, ready for a brand new one to be installed.