Fitness Classes

check out what spinning is all about!

in the Studio

  • Pilates
    A calming and balancing mat-based workout, focusing on core strength. Pilates concentrates on slow and measured movements in order to create lean and strong muscles. It’s gentle but highly effective for improving posture, flexibility and preventing injuries.

  • Fitball
    Slow, controlled movement which activates your core.

  • Pound
    Using lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, pound transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements.

  • Metafit
    High intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training. Designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete. Designed by a former marine, this is a class you can be sure to push your limits in.

  • Powerhooping
    Core workout targeting hips and waist using a weighted hula hoop. Suitable for everyone, new mums wait 6 weeks after having baby, 3 months if c section.

  • Kettles
    A body transformation and toning class using lightweight kettlebells. It is a combination of 37 exercises that last one minute each

  • Total body conditioning
    Uses resistance and weights to work on strength and tone, as well as aerobic exercise to work on cardiovascular fitness - in short this class combines all aspects of fitness to give you the ultimate full body workout.

  • Ladies boxing
    Includes skipping, boxing drills including footwork and abdominal workouts – all focusing on fitness and toning

  • Body pump
    The original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body. ... The key to bodypump is the rep effect a breakthrough in fitness training focusing on high repetition movements with low weight loads. This will help you achieve strength and introduce lean body muscle conditioning. 


in the Spin Room

  • Spin
    Calorie killing at its best! complete with disco lighting and stage area for your instructor, the fully air conditioned studio has also gained brand new bikes to complete it's refurbishment making it a brilliant space for your spinning class. For all abilities.


in the Squash Courts

  • Pure Stretch
    Pure stretch has been designed with a simple aim of educating people how to stretch correctly in a fun & fulfilling way. Pure stretch will lengthen & strengthen the entire body through a series of balanced choreographed movements that is suitable for everybody to enjoy. A faster paced stretching program ideal for athletes and regular gym users.


in the Pool

  • Aqua aerobics
    Exercising in water provides a supportive environment for your body. The buoyancy of the water reduces your weight on impact, resulting in much less strain on your muscles and joints. This makes aqua aerobics a good choice for those new to exercise, those who can't move easily, and those who want to get fit and lose weight.


in the Gym

  • Ignite Core
    30 minute express circuit sessions of small groups designed to get dynamic results. This class uses high intensity interval training to ensure maximum calories are burned during the session.

  • Ignite conditioning
    Targets strength building or muscular endurance which prepares the body for high intensity workouts, whilst including the hard core exercises