Activity Referral

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Our activity referral programme offers customers a range of activities specifically designed for sedentary customers with recognised medical conditions. 

Our Active Lifestyles programme also offers condition specific sessions, such as Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation (COPD) and Falls Prevention alongside individual programmes for a range of other medical conditions.

active lifestyles

Active Lifestyles is an activity referral programme for sedentary patients with recognised medical conditions.

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cardiac rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a circuit style activity class designed specifically for customers who have experienced a cardiac incident and have completed phase III or have a referral form.

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COPD classes

COPD circuit classes are specifically for clients with pulmonary conditions.

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steady and strong

These classes can improve balance, flexibility and confidence following a fall - helping older people to get back on their feet.

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health circuits

A low level Active Lifestyle referral circuit class suitable for customers with medical conditions and those progressing from other sessions such as Cardiac Rehab.

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escape pain

Escape Pain is an evidence-based course designed for patients suffering with lower limb osteoarthritis and/or chronic joint pain.

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