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Businesses are being asked to do more in terms of supporting their workforces to be healthier. From regular breaks and supporting employees to take part in sport and physical activity. Businesses face rising costs in terms of ill health and absenteeism at work, with the current cost to the UK economy around £15 billion per year.

We want to get all people more active, including those who find their working life in Swansea a reason for not being as active as they may want. As ‘sitting is the new smoking’, we want to work with more local businesses to find out what their employees would love to do with us to get more active around their job. We offer workplace physical activity opportunities, active workforce weeks, exclusive offers and staff health and wellbeing day support.

What can we do for you?

Our teams accross Swansea can offer a variety of bespoke activities to meet your business needs, including:

  • Exclusive Active Workforce weeks - where you employees can get access to a weeks free trial accross our Swansea centres
  • FREE health MOT’s with an aim to give people more of an understanding on their current Health and Wellbeing
  • VIsiting your workplace to offer unique fitness classes and activities
  • Inviting your teams in to partake in fitness classes or activities in any of our Swansea centres
  • Visiting your workforce
Find out about our next Active workforce week here

benefits for your employees

• Exclusive membership offers periodically
• Regular FREE guest passes 
• FREE Personalised Programmes  
• Access a wide range of classes and facilities
• Work out with colleagues and motivate each other
• Explore new workout ideas and techniques
• Work with our experts and get the most from your membership

benefits for your company

• Grow employee confidence and morale
• Create a happier working environment
• Support a healthier workforce
• Attract new employees and retention
• Proven to reduce employee absences

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