Are you ready for WOW!

January 31 2022


A brand new Women's Only Workout area comes to the LC on Monday 28th March

We are excited to announce that we have been working hard to bring you WOW! - a women's only workout area to the LC.

Have you ever experienced “gymtimidation”? All too often, the average gym environment can be an overwhelming and potentially intimidating place, especially for someone just starting out on their fitness journey. Women can often be affected by this even more than men with the ‘gender-gap’ at the gym acting as an additional barrier for women to feel judged or as though they don’t belong when they step into a gym or a fitness class.

Health, fitness and mental wellbeing is not just about how fast you can run, how much you can lift, or how much weight you can lose. It’s about establishing realistic goals around what you want to achieve within your body, mind and overall health and working on maintaining these healthy habits.

We have aimed to create a space where women feel confident and empowered when they workout - the WOW area has a range of cardio and weights as well as brand new classes:

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