swimming for all

Swimming is a great activity for the whole family to participate in together. All ages and abilities can enjoy splashing around and practicing the essential life skill of swimming.

At Hudson Leisure Centre you can enjoy swimming in our 25m pool or our training pool during our various sessions from lane swimming to family time. During the school holidays we have sessions to entertain the children and increase their water confidence.

Did you know?

  • A gentle swim can burn over 200 Kcal in half an hour and regular weekly swimming can lead to improved sleep patterns & lower stress levels.
  • Swimming provides an all-over body workout and uses all of your muscles to propel you through the water.
  • Swimming for fitness is a great way to tone up your body or control your weight as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Even half an hour of gentle swimming can burn more than 200 calories, while a fast front crawl can burn as many calories as an 8mph run!
  • Regular swimming sessions can help to improve your overall health and strengthen your heart.

Swimming Lessons

The Junior Learn to Swim Pathway maintains a focus on fun and games to help children develop the skills they need to become competent swimmers. Children are guided through the Foundation Framework as babies with the support of their guardian in the water to build water confidence.

SwimFit Sessions

SwimFitTM Sessions now have designated lanes and training equipment available in selected sessions throughout the week

SwimFitTM provides a structured set of swimming programmes involving different strokes and training techniques that will help encourage yourself to be pushed. Our instructors are on hand to offer advice and pointers to make sure you get the most out of your swimming sessions. Use one of our premade SwimFitTM cards that offer any swimming session from 30 to 120 lengths. 

Adult Swimming Lessons

It’s never too late to start your swimming journey whether you are at the beginning by learning to swim for the first time or looking to improve your technique and skills, Hudson Leisure has the programme to suit your needs.

 Our Adult Swimming Programme provides support and instruction for all abilities and ages

  • Learn to Swim – introduction to the swimming pool environment, water confidence and swimming skills
  • Stroke Improvement – building on existing skills to develop more efficient strokes
  • Introduction to Lane Swimming – make sure you understand lane etiquette
  • Fitness Swimming – moving the gym to the pool, you can get just as an effective workout in the pool as you can in the gym!
  • Swimming to improve muscle tone and support weight loss.
  • Swimming for Competitive or Challenge Events – to support your goals for Triathlon, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming or Charity Challenge Events

Within our adult swim programme every customers will have their own goals and work at their own pace supported by our fully qualified instructors.

Swimming is for life. What a great way to keep fit and if you're not confident or you're returning to swimming after a long break we can provide the support and guidance you need.