Swim School Stages

August 21 2020

Swim school stages 1 - 7

With the world going back to normal and people starting to think about going to the beach, swimming pools & water park's, making sure your children are safe in the water is a priority. Swim school at the Hudson teaches children how to swim and be safe in the water whilst having fun at the same time.

Stage 1

Stage 1 classes are the perfect introduction to start junior swimmers on their swimming journey. Focusing on the fundamentals of water confidence they will prompt independence and start to build a comfort within water. Using a variety of aids and learning through fun and play swimmers will be introduced to the basic skills needed to move on to our Stage 2 classes

Stage 2

Stage 2 classes start to build the swimmers independent swimming techniques. Building on the confidence the swimmers have, they will start to explore the basics of all strokes, streamlining of the body, along with safe entries and exits from the water. They will also explore and learn a variety of different floatation and rotation techniques all of which will increase their ability to remain safe around water.

Stage 3

Stage 3 classes continue to expand the skills swimmers have already gained working in particular on the leg action of the different strokes to push the distance the swimmers can travel up to 10 metres on their front and back. Swimmers will continue to explore the reasons behind streamlining and start to explore swimming underwater. Rotation and water safety knowledge will continue to be developed.


Stage 4

Stage 4 classes introduce the swimmer to the concept of buoyancy and how their body interacts with the water. It will perfect their leg action whilst further developing their fundamental skills through push and glides. Swimmers will be introduced to the concept of swimming and as a result start to open up future avenues in to a wider raft of aquatic activities.


Stage 5

 In our Stage 5 classes swimmer will continue to work on the whole range of strokes focusing primarily on the arm pulls to accompany the leg action previously developed to successfully swim 10 metres of each stroke to the Swim England Standards. The classes will progress the sculling skills introduced at the previous stage, introduce handstands and somersaults, all key fundamental in artistic swimming. Swimmers will be introduced to the ability to tread water which whilst opening opportunities to other aquatic disciplines such as Water polo and Lifesaving, expands their ability to remain safe in and around water

Stage 6

Our Stage 6 classes start to teaching swimmers the how to prepare themselves for exercise whilst continuing to develop the skills they learnt at the previous stage. Working on improving their coordination, breathing and timing of all 4 strokes swimmers will continue to grow the distances they are able to swim working towards 25 metre awards and beyond. Using the skills developed around buoyancy, somersaults and handstands swimmers will be taught a variety of surface dives and how to incorporate this in their swimming.


Stage 7

Stage 7 pulls together all the aspects learnt on a swimmers journey to see them fully develop their skills across all strokes whilst building stamina and introducing diving skills. Swimmers will build towards successfully being able to swim 100 metres using all 4 strokes. Fun elements, as with all stages, are still vital to support learning using teamwork to link together various aquatic elements into routines and using skills and techniques to successfully navigate obstacle courses.

Whilst many may see completing Stage 7 as the end of the aquatic journey at Freedom we see it as the avenue to go on to explore many more aquatic disciplines such as Water Polo, Synchro, Diving, life saving and competitive swimming