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January 3 2022

Meet the Hudson's fitness team

Our fitness team have years of experience in helping people achieve their fitness ambitions, their expertise range from weight lose, toning and strength training to medical & cardiac rehabilitation.



  • level 3 advanced instructor/personal trainer
  • level 3 IFI (inclusive fitness initiative ) Olympic weightlifting instructor
  • level 2 award in adapting fitness instruction for adolescents, kettlebell instructor, functional training, Powerplate, TRX, weight management and nutrition
  • NABBA (national amateur body building association) 
  • level3 sports massage therapist

Why did I become a Personal Trainer?

When I left school I really had no clue as to what job I wanted do, all I knew was it had to be something to do with sport. I always loved sport and as a child I was district high jump champion and also reached the national finals for 100 meters and javelin. My main sport was football, in which I played at a fairly high standard including one of my last seasons at a semi-professional club. The coaching staff at the club knew how to get the best out everybody and I thought “that is what I want to do”.

As a personal trainer I try to make my sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible, while at the same time pushing you to reach your goal and beyond. One of the most essential skills I feel a trainer needs, is being able to listen to and read a client and adjust your training style accordingly (not everyone needs SCREEMING at). I have been a qualified trainer for 32 years now and have lost count of how many people I have trained but I always remember the feeling of pride I get when they hit their goals.


  • NVQ level 3 coaching, teaching exercise and fitness
  • NVQ level 3 personal training
  • Nutrition & weight management
  • Childrens fitness & obesity prevention
  • Insanity instructor
  • Spinning instructor

Why did I become a Personal Trainer?

When I was in secondary school I wanted to be a PE teacher, I have always had an interest in physical education and how it can help people improve their lives.

I started my fitness journey when I was 16 and I was able go to the gym by myself, straight away I feel in love with the gym, training and the positive environment. It didn’t take long for me to realise I wanted to become a personal trainer and now I am. It’s the best job ever and I wouldn’t work anywhere else!

I love helping people reach their ambitions and I had the pleasure to meet some truly inspirational people and I can’t wait to meet even more.  


BSc (Hons) Sport Science
Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation -Level 4
Functional Training
Power Plate Training
Stability Ball training
TRX/Suspension training
Weight Management and Nutrition 
Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity
Why did I become a Personal Trainer?
I was very sports orientated at school playing hockey, netball, gymnastics, tennis as well as horse riding at home. I trained with the GB Youth team in Germany incorporating gymnastics on horseback which is now known as Vaulting as well as being selected for Young riders' teams in Eventing. These sporting passions led me to choose a Sports Science degree at University.
Following this I started working in the fitness industry where I was based in London working at several Fitness Clubs before being retained by the Daily Telegraph.
After moving to Lincolnshire, I started working at the Hudson and have been here ever since!
I love working in the gym and helping people of all ages achieve their goals with a fully tailored workout to suit their needs and abilities. Peoples' goals are very varied whether they be for weight loss, training for a specific sport/event or just incorporating more regular exercise into your lifestyle and making you more accountable. Most importantly it needs to be fun.
I have also specialized in Cardiac Rehabilitation and enjoy helping patients regain their fitness levels as well as advising them on healthier lifestyle options.
Training Tips
Motivation will get you started but a habit will Keep you going
Focus on always using best form
Never say Never!



  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Sports and Coaching
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

About me

I have been encouraged to exercise from a fairly young age and have been to the gym since 14. I enjoy swimming and cycling and they are my favourite forms of cardio. I find that a balance of weight training and cardio in harmony brings the best results as well as proper nutrition. I like to inform people of the specific benefits of these forms of exercise and how I can help you achieve your fitness goals. I feel that mentality and mental health is an important by-product of exercise, though its rarely highlighted or talked about.

My journey took me through body dysmorphia and I didn’t initially like the way I looked, despite making good progress. It wasn’t a good experience at all; looking in the mirror constantly to see if I had an idealistic body. After years of work, I finally became content with my body and was tired of striving for an unrealistic ideal. What I want to bring to my clients is a challenging but fun exercise experience and reassure people that hard work WILL pay off with persistence and consistency. Also do not chase seemingly “perfect” figures, especially flaunted on social media.

I feel as though I bring a different perspective on the basics of fitness and training and have experimented with many workouts (of which were and weren’t effective). I can teach you skills that will benefit your athletic performance and gain the results you want.

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