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April 30 2021

This month`s members of the month is


We asked Erica why she comes to the Hudson?

We all know that going to the gym is good for your health and we are all aware that we should be a bit more active - joining a gym makes doing these things a lot easier.

The team are friendly and great trainers. I also likes the range of many cardio machines that are available and there is a good weights area. The facilities are cleaned regularly, and the opening hours suit me.

What are your current goals?

At the moment I am sculpting and re-shape myself with lean muscle, I am pushing myself more in each workout.

Have you seen improvements after joining the Hudson and what are your future workout plans?

I already feel healthier, fitter and with lots more energy since joining the Hudson in 2017.

My next step is to keep progressing my training and to change my workouts regularly, concentrating on full body with split workouts.


Congratulations Erica

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