gym at hassocks sports centre

Here at Hassocks Sports Centre we offer a friendly overall experience with a wide range of equipment, along with experienced staff to offer advice and support whenever you need it...

personal training

Personal training – Need an extra push ,our gym offers personal trainers who can help you achieve your goals  Who would be more than willing to sit down to discuss personal training sessions whether they are 1:1, small group sessions or nutritional advice. Catering for a range of circumstances whatever they may be, and will strive to help you reach your goal. For more information and a free consultation please contact us on 01273 841348 or


Cardiovascular machines – we have the latest technogym cardio machines with fully integrated touch screens you have the option of digital TV, radio, games, the option to connect you ipod or iphone. we have the usual array of treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, spin bikes, vario and the concept 2 rowers.

Resistance machines – we also have a range of fixed resistance machines which include chest and shoulder press, lat pull down and a range of leg machines. As well as two cable column machines with a range of weights and handles; which can help you to work on all compound muscle groups whatever your fitness goals are.

Free weights – we have range of free weights, we have Technogym dumbbells ranges from 1kg to 40kg. these can be used on any of our two weight benches that both incline. we also have a range of weight bars one 8kg and 10kg and EZ bar; with a range of cast iron plates that can weigh up to 180kg. for people seeking lighter weight we have 10kg pump bar with a colourful array of plates. we also have a squat/bench rack; this comes with a Olympic lifting bar that itself weighs 20kg and a range of plates that can load the bar up to 200kg. Also we have a Trap- Bar that itself weighs 35kg, making it easier to perfect the technique for deadlifts.

Even more – If core is more your thing, we have a core / stretching area equipped with medicine balls, swiss balls and a BOSU ball. To strengthen your core that little bit more we have technogyms ARKE kit; which helps to push your core to its limits using a range of fitness techniques. We also have a TRX mount, which can teach basic body weight exercises or push your body beyond its limits. Additionally we have 2 pylo boxes that can stack on top of one another to add that little bit extra to your workouts.