swimming lessons at hailsham leisure centre

Here at Hailsham we follow The British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway. This means your child will be following a nationally recognised syllabus and awards system produced by swimming’s governing body.

The world renowned 'Learn to Swim' programme is used in over 1,000 swimming programmes in the UK and internationally and has already taught millions of children to swim. It continues to be by far the most successful grass-roots programme in British sport.

The ASA Learn to Swim Pathway incorporates the following frameworks:

• ASA Foundation Framework
• ASA Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1-7
• ASA Aquatic Skills Framework Stages 8 to 10
• ASA Adult Swimming

lesson structure

The Learn to Swim Pathway maintains a focus on fun and games to help children develop the skills they need to become competent swimmers. Children are guided from the ASA Foundation Framework to get babies (as young as six months) started, to the ASA Learn to Swim Framework where they learn basic skills through to more advanced techniques. After which they can attend the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework to develop sports skills in water polo, synchronised swimming, diving, rookie lifeguard and swim squads.


The Kellogg’s ASA Awards support the British Gas ASA Learn To Swim Pathway. Covering all ten stages of the syllabus, the colour-coded badges and certificates have been designed to reward and encourage children to learn the core skills of each individual award stage, as well as ensuring that they have fun in aquatic sport.


instructors & supervision

All the instructors are experienced and fully trained to deliver the ASA Swim Pathway. They will provide you with feedback via report cards on your child’s development as well as their progress through the awards system. The instructors are all CRB checked and supervised by our swim course coordinator.

enquire about lessons:


What age can children start learning to swim?

Children can start to gain confidence in the water and get used to the swimming pool environment as soon as you are happy to bring them. You can join Adult & Child lessons once your child is 6 months. 

How do I find out about lesson availability?

Shown below is our Swim School Programme with the different stages explained. Complete the enquiry form shown here and the swim co-ordinator will be in touch. You can also contact our reception team on 01323 846755 extension 2, where they will be happy to take your enquiry.

How do I pay for the lessons?

Lessons can be paid for via monthly direct debit at Hailsham Leisure Centre. Please phone reception on 01323 846755 for course costs.

Do I need to get in the water with my child?

All children under 3 years old start in an adult and child session. All classes for children of 3 years and above are unaccompanied. Parents are invited to watch from the viewing area whilst enjoying a coffee from the cafe.

Do you do adult lessons?

Adult group lessons run on a Thursday evening. These are small mixed groups of beginners and improvers.

Do you do private lessons?

1:1 lessons run daytime or after group lessons in the evening or at the weekend. There is always a high demand so your details may need to be added to a waiting list. Please contact reception for costings.

pre school classes

Adult & Child 6-18 months - An accompanied class introducing babies to water.

Adult & Child 19-36 months - An accompanied fun class developing water awareness and confidence.

Pre-School Stage 1 3-5 years - An unaccompanied class building on confidence and developing water skills.

school age classes

Stage 1 from 4 years - For children who are unable to swim on either their front or back.

Stage 2 - For children who can put their face in the water, swim a few metres, without the use of floatation aids, on their front with arms over and on their back without arms. Need to have straight legs.

Stage 3a - For children who can swim 5 metres consistently on their front and back without the use of floatation aids and be deep water confident as class takes place in the main pool.

Stage 3b - For children who can swim 10 metres consistently on both their front and back in each of the 3 main strokes

Junior beginners from 7 years - A class for children aged 7 and over who have not yet learnt to swim (minimum height of child 1.25m).

Stage 4 - For children who can swim 15 metres consistently in each of the 3 main strokes and be confident doing lengths without panic.

Stage 5 - For children who can swim 25 metres consistently in each of the 3 main stroke.

Stage 6 - For children who can swim 50 metres consistently in each of the 3 main strokes and attempt the same distance in butterfly.

Stage 7 - For children who can swim 100 metres in 2 strokes with good style and are competent in the other 2 strokes.

Stage 8 - For children who can swim 200 metres consistently in each of the 3 main strokes showing good technique.

Stage 9 - For children of pre-competition standard.

Rookie/bronze challenge - Working towards personal survival 1 and 2 and the bronze challenge award. Children need to be able to swim 400 metres showing good technique in each of the 3 main strokes.

Silver/gold challenge - Working towards silver and gold challenge awards. Children need a good standard in 3 swimming strokes and the ability to swim continuously for 400 metres.

Swim school elite - A class giving your child the opportunity to develop their swimming to an elite standard in an instructor lead group improving fitness, stamina, strokes and other aquatic skills in a fun environment. Children should have completed the ASA stages to level 9. A swim test may be required prior to booking.