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excel Personal Training

What is Personal Training? Personal Training offers a one-on-one private workout session with a trainer. Your trainer will assist you in developing a comprehensive personal fitness program. Whether you are just starting an exercise program or looking for some variety in your existing programme your Personal Trainer will help you reach your goals. Personal Trainers offer in-depth education and motivation needed to guide you towards life time fitness.

excel personal training

As well as amazing equipment and an unbeatable range of classes, our Personal Trainers are the best in the business.

You’ll find our trainers are all very approachable and friendly, but they’re also really challenging. Whether they’re running functional training and gym-floor classes or providing one-to-one Personal Training, they’ll push you and keep you motivated. You’ll be amazed just how soon you see real results. Some of our personal trainers are GP Referral specialists, so if you have any rehabilitation, injury or health condition needs we can help you.

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It was my intention to have 10 sessions of PT in order to get fit and lose weight but after 10 sessions I had lost significant weight and inches, he is without doubt an inspiring and motivated trainer, his enthusiasm is infectious and therefore I have now signed on indefinitely!


1:1 nutritional coaching

let us help create the best "you" possible with 5 nutrition sessions with our certified coach . With our 1:1 nutrition coaching you will receive unprecidented guidance and support. Using the same tools and strategies practiced by nutritionists and dietitians we help you to improve you health, body composition and performance goals.

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It is clear that Mat is incedibly knowledgeable in his field. He makes each session a little more challenging than the last, encouraging me to work hard and pushing me past my perceived limits. He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. Mat is respectful and thoroughly professional, he gets the right balance between motivating me and supporting me to acheive my full potential.

Most importantly, he has helped me move towards reaching my goals by improving my strength, likewise my body has become more toned, something which my friends have really noticed, I'm excited to see continued changes as I progress.I had planned to do weekly sessions and I'm enjoying them so much I just want to keep going each week.




Chris listened and encouraged throughout my 5 weeks, right from the first consultation. I ended up losing 4 inches from my waist! the nutrition pack and programme have been invaluable and have really helped me understand my training. Chris not only has excellent PT knowledge but is a great guy, I'm sure anyone thinking of personal training would be really happy with him.