Sports Hall at Gwyn Evans

A multi purpose sports hall, rubberized flooring provides grip for your trainers and cushioning should you fall, that's why Gwyn Evans sports hall is the perfect place for your favorite sport whether you are 5 or 50. Size 33x18. Sports Played - Five-a-side ,Netball ,Basketball, Cricket and Table Tennis. Other activities - Group exercise classes, Gymnastics.

All slots are 45 minutes with a 5 minute change over time before the next booking commences. An automatic bell will ring to signal the end of a booking. Please leave promptly after your booking has finished to ensure the following booking begins on time.


5-a-side is a fun filled indoor version of football. The weather will never stop this game and because the sports hall is enclosed; you'll never need to run away after the ball ether. Suitable for all ages the special indoor ball is lighter and softer than a normal football. The goals are chained to the wall for your safety and set up by a member of staff for your conveniance.

Whether you play it for the love of the game, to get fit, to socialise with friends – or maybe a mix of all three – 5-a-side is arguably the best form of exercise that you can do. It provides an intense workout that few other sports can match, results in loads of social and mental benefits, and most of all it’s fun. That’s why it has become the people’s game here in the UK, becoming even more popular than the full 11-a-side game.


The rubberised flooring makes ths sports hall the perfect place for the fast pace and agility required in a game of badminton. With four courts available and free racket hire Gwyn Evans is the perfect place to start playing badminton.

Badminton is great for physical fitness. Between the running, lunging, diving and ball hitting, playing badminton burns fat at approximately 450 calories per hour. This kind of cardiovascular workout can help keep you in tip top shape, especially if you’re looking for a good alternative to gym exercise. The fast-paced nature of the game increases your speed and improves your reflexes. Intelligence is also a factor since players must know how to deceive their opponents in every shot.

Indoor Cricket

Cricket is growing in popularity and it is said that the only rule that hasn't changed in cricket over the years is the length of the pitch. We know that's not true; the rule that it always rains on training day has stayed the same too!

So take you training session indoors this winter with our indoor cricket lanes. We have two lanes complete with mats. The hall is set-up and taken down by a member of staff for your convenience.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is the compact fast paced version of tennis. The rubberised flooring of the sports hall at Gwyn Evans makes it the perfect place for table tennis as it offers more grip for those quick direction changes. There are up to two tables that are set-up in the main hall as requested.

This game is fast growing in popularity because of it's many benefits. Playing improves hand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. It Improves reflexes, yet is easy on the joints.

Make sure that you wear appropriate footwear and clothing when taking part in any sport. If you are unsure what to wear please contact 01978 269540 for advice.

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Group exercise, Gymnastics and clubs

Our goup exercise classes and gymnastics sessions are all run from within the sports hall, for further information on these, clink the links below.