Swimming at Gwyn Evans

Swimming is a great activity for the whole family to participate in together. Have fun splashing around and practicing the life skill of swimming, a great way to cool down on hot days or to escape the rain during the traditional British summer.

General Swimming

A gentle swim can burn over 200 Kcal in half an hour. As water is 12 times as dense as air, swimming is a far more effective way of toning your muscles than any other form of cardiovascular exercise that you can do on land. Swimming can support up to 90% of the body’s weight in the water, meaning that those with disabilities, injuries or illnesses like arthritis can take part in a comfortable and safe environment. Swimming will help your wellbeing. 30 minutes of swimming 3 times per week have also seen improved sleep patterns & lower stress levels.

The swimming pool is a standard 25m x 9m rectangle pool, that is indoor and heated to 29ºC all year round, making this the ideal venue to bring the family.  The swimming pool caters for public swimming, fun sessions, swimming lessons and clubs

If you are looking to get fit, without putting to much pressure on the joints, why not take advantage of the clean and friendly environment provided by the staff at the Leisure Centre.

learn to swim with us

Swimming is a fundamental skill that all should learn in order to stay safe near the water. Gwyn Evans Leisure and Activity Centre offers a great environment for people of any age to learn how to swim at their Freedom Leisure swim school.    

We offer a wide variety of swimming classes for children, whether it is to improve your stroke or you're starting from scratch, Freedom Leisure swim school is perfect for all. Classes are taught by qualified instructors, who use Swim Wales criteria to assess and work towards badges or awards.

All of our teachers are friendly, approachable, willing to help and want all their students to get as much as possible out of their swimming lessons.

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Spectators Area

Built in 2010; the pool side spectators area is an asset to the facility. It gives you the perfect place to sit and watch your child succeed in their swimming lessons or come to see your grandchild swim for the first time.

The ½ height Perspex barriers allow a perfect view of the pool whilst they keep little siblings away from the water.

The leisure centre is a fantastic facility with excellent staff providing a professional service.

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Parent & Paddler

Enjoy a fun and relaxing swim with your little ones during our parent and paddler sessions.

With additional lifeguards on duty and a specifically roped off are in the shallow end it is the perfect session to take your child swimming for the first time. 

Sunday's 11:00am - 12:00pm

Make sure that you wear appropriate footwear and clothing when taking part in any sport. If you are unsure what to wear please contact 01978 269540 for advice.

To enquire about pool hire for special events or birthday parties please complete our facility booking form and return to craig.chedwick@freedom-leisure.co.uk