Friary Grange Leisure Centre offers a six lane 25 metre swimming pool which is perfect for those looking to swim for fun, swim for fitness or even learn to swim with our fantastic swim school.

swimming for fun

Swimming is a great activity for the whole family to participate in together. Have fun splashing around and practising the life skill of swimming. Cool down on hot days and enjoy a fun indoor activity in the cold wet months of the year. The whole family will enjoy the time spent together in the pool.

Friary Grange offers you a six lane pool which available to all, seven days a week.

swimming for fitness

Swimming is a great form of exercise for the whole body. The swimming pool provides a great environment for warming up or cooling down after a gym workout but is also a very effective exercise in its own right. The water provides additional resistance for your muscle groups to work against and supports some of your body weight reducing the strain on your joints.

Did you know a gentle swim can burn over 200 kcal in half an hour and regular weekly swimming can lead to improved sleep patterns & lower stress levels

Swim England

Swimming provides an all-over body workout and uses all of your muscles to propel you through the water. It is a great way to tone up your body or control your weight as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Even half an hour of gentle swimming can burn more than 200 calories, while a fast front crawl can burn as many calories as an 8mph run! Regular swimming sessions can help to improve your overall health and strengthen your heart.