Milton Keynes gym is very unique. With two rooms, one holding all the cardio equipment and the other holding all the weights equipment and functional zone. This goes some way in helping those new to exercise and provide more private areas to train. In addition and not to be under estimated the views over Willen Lake are simply beautiful. Where else in the country can you train with views over a lake without having to battle with the elements?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, our extensive range of equipment from world leading gym equipment specialists Technogym cater for everyone’s fitness goals.

Target areas including your arms, back, abs and legs with our weight machines, which guide your movements safely as you build muscle strength or size, making them the perfect companion to your fitness routine.


Cardio keeps heart and lungs healthy, strengthens bones and aids fat burning, making it a key part of any workout. Get your heart pumping using our top of the range machines that are both simple and fun to use, from treadmills, cross trainers to exercise bikes and more.


Tone your whole body whilst building strength and cardiovascular endurance using the best selling indoor rowers worldwide. Supplied by our friends at Concept2, these machines are some of the most accurate and durable rowers out there.

The gym has a nice, warm and friendly feel about it. The staff are always very cheerful and nothing is to much trouble. Karen and Ischa are fantastic Pilates teachers and I enjoy coming

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free weights

Weight training is important for balance, co-ordination and strength. Build a stronger body with our selection of free weights ranging from dumbbells, barbells to weight plates.

functional tranining

Functional training is fast becoming the way forward in the industry. This is simply an area dedicated for users to use equipment including kettle bells, battle ropes, steps, hand weights and much more to perform exercises that directly relate to normal day to day movements (functional training).

The centre at Milton Keynes has a dedicated area for this which ideal for those just starting out in training who do not want to use the larger machines in a gym. Also ideal however for those with great experience who want to enhance their training.

group exercise classes

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This is a series of 30 minutes express sessions created for freedom centres. Using the functional floor and its equipment, these instructor led sessions will put you through your paces for 30 minutes. The great aspect of this is you can work as hard as you wish.

The equipment makes this very easy. Before you know it you are working hard, enjoying the movements and actually it’s all nearly over! IGNITE is a great way to exercise and go.

indoor cycling

We know cycling is a great workout, but no one wants to go out and ride a bike in pouring rain, freezing weather, or on a scorching summer day.

While indoor cycling has been around since the early 1990s, the fitness phenomenon is still going strong. It's a highly effective cardio and strength workout. In one 45-minute class, you’ll ride a stationary bike to the beat of awesome music—and burn up to 600 calories in the process.

Not only will your lungs be pumping, you'll also work your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and build your core muscles. Indoor cycling is definitely intense and fast-paced, but it’s a great sport for any fitness level. Unlike running, cycling is also low-impact.

other classes at freedom leisure milton keynes

  • Zumba
  • Body Pump
  • Yoga
  • Grit
  • Ricky Hatton Boxing Academy