New classes

May 10 2022

Brand new fitness classes are coming to Falaise

Introducing Tilly & Deesh who will be offering brand new classes to shake up your workout routine and push you to your limits.

Bootcamp - Every Monday 6pm

This class is extremely effective in terms of delivering a great workout because it combines several intense exercises and strings them together into one circuit. The end result is a very high heart rate and a huge calorie burn. This is especially beneficial for those looking to lose weight or for people willing to push their aerobic fitness.

LBT - Every Thursday 1pm

Classes come and go but Legs Bums & Tums always stands the test of time. A class with a focus to tone and tighten the often probelm areas of the abdomen and lower body.

Booty Burn - Coming soon!

These burners will activate and strengthen your glutes from every angle with a quick series of exercises done back-to-back to help lift and tighten your butt.

Classes are FREE to all Premier members | Non members £5 | £30 for 6 classes 

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