Challenge and Change your body with our 6 week course

March 25 2019

6 weeks to challenge yourself and to start to see the change in your body.

Julie is fun, motivational, encouraging and supportive.

Current course member

includes 3 structured sessions as well as weekly topics including weight loss and nutritional tips to get you more from your workouts and your time at Falaise

Your 6 week programme is designed to boost your metabolism, blast fat, and reshape your muscles from head to toe in just 6 weeks!

These sessions are designed to help you get fitter, stronger and leaner using a series of exercises, equipment and your own bodyweight.  We're looking to provide the ultimate workouts, including HIIT, Kettlebells and boot camp classes, regular reviews before and after your sessions, food diaries and the all important weights and measurements so we can see the results and achievements you've made.

At the start of the programme the personal trainers will guide you through a nutrition seminar, giving you all the tools to sustain a healthy diet. 

Your next challenge and change course starts on Tuesday 16th July

The course lasts for 6 weeks with sessions exclusively for participants in exercise & nutrition. There will be the opportunity for regular weigh ins and measurement readings to track your progress as well as a private facebook group as a platform for the group to share their experiences and ask any questions.

The following sessions will be available to the group

Thursdays 6.00-7.30pm Registration (first session only), weigh in/measurements taken, nutritional workshop & exercise class

Tuesdays HIIT 6.45-7.15am & Kettlebells 7.15-7.35am

Saturdays Boot Camp 9.00-10.00am

Member price: £60

Non members:£90 (also unlimited use of the gym during the 6 weeks)

I am really looking forward to leading this course and helping support people in their challenge to change their body

Julie Cowan
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