Swimming is a great activity for the whole family to participate in together.
All ages and abilities can enjoy splashing around and practicing the life skill of swimming.

Did you know? - A gentle swim can burn over 200 Kcal in half an hour and regular weekly swimming can lead to improved sleep patterns & lower stress levels.

Our pool programme aims to provide opportunities for everyone to participate whether you want to swim lengths, swim with the family or learn to swim for the first time. 

our main pool

The pool at Eastwood is 25 metres long and is 6 lanes in width. The programme is a balance of sessions for everyone.

We offer a mix of sessions which have lanes to suit every swimmer depending on how fast or slow you want to swim and open swim sessions which are fun for everyone.

Adults only and ladies only swimming sessions are also available.

On our poolside you'll find a sauna and steam room .

our teaching pool

Primarily this pool  is used for children and adults who are learning to swim. We have a highly experienced and professional team of swim instructors who teach children and adults using the Swim England Framework.


aqua classes

Not only are aqua classes very good for toning and general fitness, they are also great fun and you'll meet like-minded people at every class.

We have a programme of classes at times convenient for you.

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our main pool

main pool
Main pool view from spectator gallery

our teaching pool

teaching pool
Accessible chair hoist in the teaching pool