our newly extended and refurbished gym is fully equipped to suit all levels of fitness and ability. We have an extensive range of both cardiovascular and resistance machines as well as a free weights area for more specific training.

Whatever your main focus is within the gym, we'll have the right equipment to ensure you get the workout you need to reach those results and goals. Within our brand new extended gym we have brand new state-of-the-art equipment, with amazing new functional training room with battle ropes, tyre flipping, sled and a larger free weight area. 

Our qualified staff will also be on hand to progress or adapt any exercise you feel has become too easy or repetitive, by introducing new equipment to your routine or by simply showing you various ways in which the same piece of equipment can be used in many different ways to get those desired results.

To use the gym at de Stafford Sports Centre you are required to have an orientation, where the Gym Instructor will cover all of the important health and safety requirements, such as a physical activity questionnaire, how to use the equipment safely and guidance about what equipment is best to use to achieve the results. These sessions are free to book at Reception and last up to 45 mins.  If you are familiar with gyms you can sign a Health Commitment Form.  For those who need a little more help from a Gym Instructor, up to three coaching sessions are available for free.


Fitness programmes & analysis

Are you bored with your gym programme? Let one of our Gym Instructors put together a detailed programme of exercise so you are safe in the knowledge that they are working effectively when exercising on your own. For a more detailed overview of your general health we also offer Fitness MOTs. Through a bio-electrical impedance test and other standard testing/measurement analysis our instructors can show an individual where they might need to improveor focus on to yield faster results. For prices and more information ask our fitness team.

youth gym (11 – 13yrs)

Youth offers the opportunity for young people to become confident within a gym environment, whilst improving their health and fitness ability as well as their knowledge. It is suitable for young people of all abilities and experience, with tailored programmes aimed at improving fitness levels. All sessions are supervised by a qualified gym instructor. An excellent way to burn energy, whilst making new friends and socialising! Speak to our Reception or Fitness team for more information and prices.

session take place on wednesdays & fridays 4 – 5pm* *A youth gym induction must be completed before attending any session which a parent/guardian must attend.


New gym core classes

Come and take part in our GYM based circuit classes using the NEW Functional space and equipment. Improve your Strength, CV fitness, balance, power, agility, speed and BURN PLENTY OF CALORIES in 30 mins.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am, Tuesday and Thursday 12.30pm and Friday 6pm

The classes are included in the price of a gym admission.


Pre-booking is advised by calling Reception 01883 716717 (option 2)

personal training

Let one of our Personal Trainers help you achieve your goals by addressing your individual needs and requirements to formulate a plan of action tailored to your goals.

By working with one of our Personal Trainers, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals – which can be as modest as touching your toes again or as ambitious as preparing to run a marathon! Whether you are looking to lose some weight, regain some flexibility, develop your speed or simply just to feel good, personal training is an activity that will benefit your body for many years to come.

To find out more about Personal Training or to book a session email fitness.dssc@freedom-leisure.co.uk, or speak to a Gym Instructor.

meet chris osborn 
fitness manager/personal trainer

I have always been interested in fitness training for health and performance so started a career as a Personal Trainer in 2005. I have been in the industry since then and enjoy working with clients of all abilities to improve CV fitness, strength, body fat reduction, posture correction and core stability.

I like to specialise in working with clients to lose body fat, improve strength and correct posture so the body feels and moves as good as it looks. I’m a YMCA Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in Spin, circuit training, padwork skills, kettlebells, powerplate and outdoor training.

My training is simple, effective and fun to make sessions a complete workout and time efficient. Training with me will show you what your body is capable of and together we can get the results you deserve.

Fitness needs to be fun, otherwise it becomes a chore. Feel free to speak to me in the gym.

meet darren bryne
personal trainer

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years. I have experience working with a variety of age groups and abilities. 

Do you need to improve your health and fitness? Do you have a sporting event coming up or a holiday?

Why not hire me so we can achieve your goals and feel great reaching your targets.  My sessions are based on functional fitness, bodyweight, H.I.I.T and core.

meet marcus wheeler
personal trainer

My love of health and fitness began when I first started training in martial arts over 10 years ago. I am a black belt 1st dan in Ju Jitsu and teach boxing classes, good news if you fancy yourself as a 'fighter.'

I specialize in strength training and designing periodized weight training programs. I am a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and I am studying in Strength and Conditioning.

If you’re a 'fighter' looking to improve on your explosive power speed and strength in a sports specific way, looking to improve on your compound lifts or simply looking to mix up your workout, I’m the trainer for you and I look forward to helping you to achieve your goals.

meet verity barker
personal trainer

I began my training to help recover from injuries I picked up whilst marathon training. I fell in love with weight and resistance training and am now a competitive Fitness Model.

I am a Premier Global Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer as well as a Kettlebell and Circuits certified instructor. I specialise in weight and resistance training for weight loss and muscle gain.

If you are looking to tone up, look good for an upcoming event, or introduce weights to vary your workout, come and speak to me in the gym.

meet anita asghar
exercise referral specialist

I became interested in the link between exercise and recovery from various conditions when my mum had a heart attack over 15 years ago.

I specialise in Cardiac, Pulmonary, Stroke and Cancer rehabilitation.

I run the Exercise Referral service here at de Stafford Sports Centre, helping patients with a history of, diabetes, high blood pressure, Obesity, Osteo Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS. There are dedicated classes running here for people needing to improve Strength and Balance or at risk of falling.

I am a keen long-distance runner, and have completed the Marathon des Sables, covering 156 miles in the searing heat of the Sahara desert! I can help train you anything from a 5k distance to running a Marathon

Please feel free to contact me for info or PT anitaasghar@msn.com

exercise referral

Exercise Referral provides an opportunity for those with certain medical/health conditions for which a GP or other health professional believe that regular, appropriate exercise will be of benefit, bringing significant improvements to health and wellbeing. You will need to be referred to us using a referral form, which can be completed by health professionals and medical providers. NEW! We have parallel bars to assist frail people during the strength and balance classes.

If you feel that you could benefit from our exercise referral scheme, contact Anita Asghar, Exercise Referral Instructor on 01883 716717 (option 2 for de Stafford Sports Centre) or email anita.asghar@freedom-leisure.co.uk

enquire about joining de Stafford Sports Centre

Please get in touch as we'd love to show you the centre, our gym, pool and our fabulous class timetable. There is so much to do whether you're a beginner or a serious gym goer!

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