Exercise Referral

Exercise Referral

The Exercise Referral Scheme is a programme for people that have been referred by health professionals including doctors, health trainers and physiotherapists. The aims of the scheme are to improve your health and lifestyle, meet new people, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Who is eligible for the scheme? Below are a few medical conditions that can be helped with regular exercise:

Diabetes (type 1 and type 2); Muscle and joint injuries; Muscular Skeletal; Multiple Trauma/injury; History of coronary heart disease; High blood pressure; Osteoporosis; Angina; Obesity; Asthma; Cardiac rehab; Smoking cessation; Hypertension; Neurological conditions - Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s; Mental health - stress, anxiety and depression; after knee & hip replacements/ post surgery rehab

How do I find out more?

After you have been referred by your health professional, please bring your Exercise Referral Form to de Stafford Sports Centre. We will then set up an appointment with one of our Exercise Referral specialists..

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothing is advised e.g. tracksuit bottoms, shorts, t-shirts. Sensible footwear, a pair of trainers or flat rubber-soled shoes would be suitable. A towel for personal use and a water bottle are also advisable.

How much is the membership?

We have made it as cost friendly as we possible, you will pay a one off admin fee of £10 and then £29 per month via direct debit.

If you feel that you could benefit from our Exercise Referral Scheme, contact the Exercise Referral team on 01883 716717 (option 2 for de Stafford Sports Centre) or email destaffordreferrals@freedom-leisure.co.uk


meet anita asghar exercise referral specialist

I became interested in the link between exercise and recovery from various conditions when my mum had a heart attack over 15 years ago.

I specialise in Cardiac, Pulmonary, Stroke and Cancer rehabilitation.

I manage the Exercise Referral service here at de Stafford Sports Centre, helping patients with a history of, diabetes, high blood pressure, Obesity, Osteo Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS. There are dedicated classes running here for people needing to improve strength and balance or at risk of falling.

I am a keen long-distance runner, and have completed the Marathon des Sables, covering 156 miles in the searing heat of the Sahara desert!  I can help train you for anything from a 5k distance to running a Marathon

Please feel free to contact me for info anita.ashgar@freedom-leisure.co.uk