looking for something new to add to your routine or not sure where to start? take a look below to see what classes we offer and what they're all about!

strength & toning

Strength & conditioning classes

BodyPump - set to the latest Les Mills soundtracks, you get to pick how hard you push yourself! With the addition of barbells, each track will will work a different part of your body making this the perfect full body worksout

Strength & Conditioning - total body strength training using; barbells, dumbells & kettlebells

HIIT - high intesity interval training, a great class if you want lose weight and tone FAST!

Total Body Conditioning - a great addition to those already exercising, this class is multifunctional and increases body tone & condition which may invlove use of some equipment 

50+ Body Conditiioning - a fun, sociable, exercise class to music using light weights 

Metafit - a short, intense & rewarding HIIT class open to all abilities 

Legs, Bums & Tums - a studio class to music that concentrates on the lower part of your body

Freedom Circuits - using a variety of equpiment, you will move through each station at your own pace! 

Circuits Plus - a high energy circuits class, great for someone looking for a challenge! 

Pure Core -  an intense abdominal & back workout 

Body Pump classes at Crowborough leisure centre

mind & body

Yoga - a gentle exercise that uses breathing & relaxation to improve stability, energy, balance & tranquility 

Pilates - an exercise technique using controlled movements to improve functional & core strength

Body Balance - this class combines yoga, pilates & tai chi movements with controlled breathing to promote harmony & balance 

Tai Chi - combines meditation & relaxation to strengthen muscles and maintain the balance of the nervous system 

Vinyasa Yoga - uses breathing and guided relaxation to improve conditioning, toning & focus 

Fitness Pilates - strengthens your core muscles with the use of body weight, bands & hand weights 

Bro Yoga - a yoga class aimed at men to improve flexibility & mobility

cardio & calorie burning

Spin - a high intensity, low impact indoor cycling class set to music on stationairy bikes. 

Zumba - work your body from head to toe targeting core, thighs & abs. This dance-fitness party incorporates moves from salsa, cumbia & samba 

Body Combat - uses a range of moves from various martial-art & self-defence disciplines. Simple to follow yet challenging & exhilerating 

Club Fit - easy to follow dance routines to club anthems

water exercise

Aqua Fit - aerobic session in the pool to help maintain strength, stamina & suppleness 

Aqua Rehab - a gentle exercise class in the pool to help ease symptoms of a variety of conditions including arthritus & fibro-myalgia.