pools admissions policy

Bexhill leisure pool

Our 25m swimming pool with beach area, flume and wave machine. Offering lane swimming, early morning swimming, aqua fit classes, children's swimming lessons and Friday night splashdance pool disco.

Swim fins (pool specific), pool bouys and floats are permitted only during adult lane swimming sessions only.

Inflatables are allowed during open swim sessions but are limited to a maximum of 1.2m in diameter.

Photography is not permitted in or around our pool during any public session.

Swimming Admission

  • As a starting point, the ratio of parent supervision for all children under eight should be 1:2.

  • This ratio could be increased, subject to the pool and its features (teaching pool, shallow water pools, use of approved swimming aids etc.), but should never be more than 1:3.

  • Circumstances (the presence of flumes, wave machines, inflatables, water slides, fast river rides etc.) may require a 1:1 ratio.

pool type age of child influencing factors ratio of adults to children
teaching & baby pool 0-4 yrs designated non swim area with non swimmers wearing approved arm bands 1:1
  4-7 yrs   1:3
  under 8's if one or more children are under 4 1:2
tank pool - with no designated non swim area and children without approved arm bands 0-4 yrs when children are unable to stand and require to be held 1:1
  4-7 yrs or where one can safely stand alone 1:2
leisure pool - with wave machine and/or other challenging features Considerations to the pool design, features, depth & lifeguards etc. It may be necessary to increase the minimum age or to introduce height restrictions.

I've only recently started using the pool. I have visited at lunchtime so the pool is quiet. Sufficient staff around, Pool and changing areas clean.