Benefits of aquafit

April 23 2018
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Why take part in an aquafit class?

Aquafit is a water based aerobics class that gives you an all over body workout. Because your body is supported in the water there is less likelihood of injury and the buoyancy and resistance of water allows less-used muscles in your body to get a workout. The opposing muscle groups are worked in each movement as you push and pull against the water which helps improve overall muscle tone.

Don't let the water element put you off, you don't have to be a strong swimmer to participate as your feet will be able to touch the ground at all times.

Expect to burn between 300-500 calories and significantly increase your heart rate per class building up endurance and cardio fitness.

Our classes are friendly and sociable, lots of the participants meet up for coffee and events such as Christmas lunch so you will be assured of a warm welcome.

All classes are free with the Premier membership or you can just turn up and pay on the day as a non member. Our aerobics timetable can be found here.