Free coaching sessions

September 16 2021

Get the most from your membership with Coaching 1,2,3

When you first take out a membership to use the gym it can seem a little daunting. Lots of equipment to get your head around and then how best to use that equipment to get the best results.

We want to make sure you get the most value and benefit from your membership and that is why we are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of up to 3 FREE coaching sessions.

Sessions are completely free on an existing or new premier membership but must be pre-booked at reception.

I assumed I knew enough so initially said no thanks to coaching sessions but eventually took Josh up on his offer and he really opened up my eyes to working out more efficiently for the same results. Coaching sessions will benefit anyone of any fitness level and experience.

Adam Wright

Coaching session one: 

  • Initial consultation with one of our instructors
  • Long & short term goals
  • Create personalised workouts or programs that will help you to achieve your goals

Coaching session two:

  • A run through of your programme in the gym
  • Learn how to safely set up equipment and perform exercises

Coaching session three:

  • Review of short term goals
  • Tweaks to programme
  • Finalise plans to succeed and make you feel comfortable in the gym environment.

We have gym instructors on hand in the gym who will always be happy to offer advice at any stage of your fitness journey, please just ask.

To progress your fitness goals even further, we also offer personal training. We have instructors with different specialities so whether you are training for an event, want to get fitter and stronger for a specific sport or want to lose weight and tone up we can help! Book a free PT consultation with an instructor today.