admission policy

Do children need to be accompanied?

 The purpose of the Child Swimming Admission Policy is to help safeguard children using our swimming pools. These apply to public sessions only. Such sessions are those that are open for public recreational swimming as opposed to those under the direct control or instruction of a group organiser or class teacher/coach where different rules may apply.

  • responsible person* must accompany all children aged 0-7 years, or any non-swimmers, into the water. This person will maintain a constant watch over the children for whom they are responsible and maintain close contact with those of the children who are weak or non-swimmers.
  • Parent supervision ratio for children under 8 should be 1 adult to 2 children.
  • Children aged 8+ can use the pool unaccompanied at the discretion of their parent/carer and the pool supervisor.


We operate separate timetables during the school holiday periods which increase access to our facilities – visit our timetables page for more information