Indoor Cycling at Ashbourne

Our fully refurbished indoor cycling studio is now open!

The New & Exciting Indoor Cycling Experience!

We're hugely excited to announce our dedicated Indoor Cycling studio at Ashbourne Leisure Centre is now open!

Members are going to be treated to an immersive experience with new audio, lighting and state of the art indoor cycles.


New Programme

With our new dedicated Indoor Cycling studio we're able to provide a lot more classes for you to enjoy. In fact, we're almost doubling the number of Instructor-led classes!


Instructor-led Classes

All of our Indoor Cycling Instructors will be trained directly by Stages so they can help you get the most out of the new bikes. There are lots of great features that members will be able to enjoy and benefit from so you'll definitely see the content and style of the classes adapt as everyone learns how to use the new bikes. 


Open Sessions

As we now have a dedicated Indoor Cycling studio, we are now adding Open Sessions to the programme when you'll be able to use the studio for your own training. These sessions will be Instructor-less but will have mood lighting and music to continue the immersive experience. Members will be able bring in and potentially connect up their own training devices for these sessions. More information and ideas on what you'll be able to do in the Open Sessions will be available in the Cycle studio when it opens.