Health and Fitness at Ashbourne

Ashbourne is the perfect place to achieve your goals, what ever your level of fitness, its great to workout in the gym. Our friendly and enthusiastic staff will motivate and encourage you to achieve your best!

fitness suite

Our Fitness Suite has been completely re-designed and updated with the latest Technogym equipment!

As a part of this, we now have exciting equipment additions such as a Technogym's Skillmill, Climb and Unity TV.

The gym itself has also undergone a radical re-decoration! We have functional training areas complete with squat racks and free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells). All equipment is brand new and up to date and our fitness instructors are fully trained and ready to help you on your fitness journey!


gym orientation

Anyone that wants to use one of our fitness suites, must first take part in an orientation with one of our qualified gym instructors. The orientation can be up to an hour long session that tells you everything you need to know in order to use our fitness equipment safely and appropriately. Following your orientation, your fitness instructor will design a programme specifically to meet your personal health and fitness goals. The instructor will also advise you on how often they will review your personal programme.

Please contact us directly to book a fitness orientation for a time that suits you. Fitness inductions are free when take out any of our memberships. 


Now open brand new Fitness Class Studio with sled, rig and functional training equipment, available for gym members to use at no extra cost when fitness classes are not running. 

See our timetable below.

fitness classes at ashbourne

Our combination of highly qualified, approachable staff, creating an informal atmosphere, making our well-structured group fitness classes a great place for you to work towards increasing your health and fitness levels.

When you come to one of our fitness classes, make sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear, typically what you would wear to train at the gym. Don't forget to bring a drink to keep yourself hydrated throughout the class.