Families & kids at Ash Manor

Ash Manor Sports Centre has a wide variety of facilities for the whole family to enjoy during term time and state school holidays with a huge array of sports and fun activities for children of all ages. Read on for more information.

holiday club

Our popular holiday club runs during school holidays! Keep the kids entertained with activities including trampolining, team sports, football, arts & crafts and much more! For children ages 5 - 12 years.


term-time activity groups

Synergy Dance

Synergy Teen Aerobics aged 12 years + 

The key is variety and fun in this workshop – Teen Aerobics with resistance, stretching and flexibility, toning, strength and cardio work, all to fun, upbeat music with a warm up and cool down. Teens may build up their fitness and muscular strength. This body conditioning class is also excellent preparation for adult fitness classes. Suitable for all levels. 12-16 years 

Synergy Teen Yoga aged 12 years +

A Synergy Yoga class is the perfect pause in between the hectic worlds of school, friends and socialising. Relax and unwind in our fun introduction to Yoga and mindfulness. This class is for 12-16 only. An excellent way to relieve stress, recharge and learn new skills, our classes are fun! Teens will build core stability, resistance and toning, improving posture and well-being


  • Creative: Enables children to keep fit and active;
  • Co-Ordination: release energy and stress;
  • Self-Esteem: make new friends; learn to take turns;
  • Teamwork: learn from their peers; learn to break down steps from a base step to performance;
  • Leadership: learn respect for others and in the process learn many different dance styles and their history.


Birthday parties to suit you!

If you're a budding world cup player, then it has to be a football skills party or maybe jumping around with your friends at your very own Trampolining or Zumabtomic party is just the thing.

Whatever you choose, we will make it a day to remember. Find out more on 01252 325484 and book your party today.

One hour party and coach, £64.00.

  • Football (6 - 10 yrs)
  • Trampolining (6 - 14 yrs)
  • Zumbatomic (latin-inspired dance party for 7 - 12 yrs)