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arun health referral programme

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Welcome to our health referral scheme

We want to show you the benefits of regular exercise for both your health and wellbeing. We welcome you to join our 6 month scheme that aims to encourage you to make the most of regular exercise.

Our health referral scheme is open to anyone who feels that regular exercise will benefit their health. We offer a great selection of options to suit you, including:

Group classes

Specialist courses

Individual programmes

You can be referred by your health professional; alternatively you can self-refer through our website. We will then contact you.

To fill out your self-referral form, please scroll to the bottom of this page!

aqua exercise 

Come and join our aqua exercise sessions! We offer water-based exercise classes that are tailor made to you. Our sessions are great for anyone suffering with musculo-skeletal conditions like arthritis and back pain, but also for anyone that could benefit from low impact, water-based exercise.
Sessions are based on a good boost tablet which creates you a virtual workout for you to complete in the water.
Participants need to complete a pre-activity registration prior to the first session and this can be arranged by emailing


health referral aquatic exercise

Aquatic exercise sessions are led by our health referral specialist, Dave.  Our group sessions offer a low impact, fun and motivational opportunity to workout with others. 

taylor-made gym workouts

When joining our health referral scheme you have the option to work one-to-one with one of our health referral team.

They will provide you with a bespoke training plan to suit your individual needs.


gp hydrospin

Instructor-led exercise classes in the water using HydroSpin bikes. 

Enjoy the benefits of low impact exercise. 

falls prevention courses (psi)

If you or someone you know has had one or more falls in the last 12 months you could benefit from our falls prevention course.

Courses offer evidence based exercise proven to improve stability, balance and confidence.


health referral circuit classes

Do you have health conditions that may benefit from regular, low impact exercise?

Health referral circuits offer a fun, low intensity group exercise session.


exercise referral

Exercise referral schemes are designed to help people who would benefit from regular exercise. Physical activity can play an important role in preventing and managing health conditions such as; coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, mental health problems, musculoskeletal conditions and some cancers. It also has a positive effect on wellbeing and mood, providing a sense of achievement or relaxation and release from daily stress.

Our instructors are all highly experienced, we have level 3 GP referral instructors, and specialised BACPR cardiac rehabilitation instructors in our team. To be referred to us you will need a referral form, which can be completed by health professionals and medical providers. If you feel that you could benefit from our exercise referral scheme, contact us today and discuss your options with one of our instructors. 

phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation

Phase IV is a structured programme of exercise that follows on from hospital rehabilitation. It is an exercise and education programme for people recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery and cardiac interventions. The classes are led by highly qualified and knowledgable BACPR cardiac rehabilitation instructors. It can increase fitness levels, reduce cardiac symptoms, improve health and reduce the risk of future heart problems.

Initially a meeting will be arranged with one of our cardiac referral instructors. An initial assessment and screening will be completed and an appropriate rehabilitation programme discussed.

Our cardiac referral sessions are held at Bersted Park Community Centre, Lakeland Avenue, Bognor Regis, PO21 5FF.

Our phase IV group was established in 2000, and since then has gone from strength to strength. The sessions have benefitted many in the local community over the years. We now run six exercise groups a week at Bersted Park.  All have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere whilst offering specialist support and guidence.  

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