there are now lots more exciting Party choices at ARC for your children !

Come and Explore our New Fantastic Soft Play Party Adventure: at Arc Leisure Centre – why not book our newest children’s attraction, the five-storey adventure soft play area for your childs Birthday party.

Our all-new five-storey soft play area will be a fantastic secret weapon in any parent’s and or guardians arsenal of activities to keep the kids (from toddlers to pre-teens) entertained, providing a safe and fun physical activity.

Even better, this kind of active play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills. They can push their bodies to (safe) limit’s, and practise balancing, jumping and climbing without risk of serious injury should they misjudge something.

Why not book your child’s birthday party at the coolest newest soft play venue in Derbyshire Dales, our party food provided by the legendary Blueberry Café and is freshly prepared locally. 

To order any of the options from our menu for your childs party or to find out more about which menu option is right for you - contact or phone - 07460 565348 and our Team at Blueberry will be happy to help.

party options:

Dub Deck inflatable party in the main pool: includes dub deck inflatable with mats and balls £255.00 includes lifeguards, no more than 60  

Main pool float party :  including mats and balls from £158.00 includes lifeguards, no more than 60 

Learner pool party : includes mats and balls £76.35 includes lifeguard, no more than 30 including parents. 

Sports Mania ; races, relays, mixed sports, rounders etc, prices from £66.50 

Specific Sport ; football, netball, cricket, basketball etc prices from £66.50

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