indoor cycling at Arc

The arc indoor Cycling Experience!

Check out our dedicated Indoor Cycling studio at Arc Leisure, Matlock!

When you come to an Indoor Cycling at the Arc you will get an immersive experience during your class with new audio, lighting and state of the art indoor cycles from Stages Cycling

We have classes almost every day - sometimes there are even 3 classes a day so there are lots of opportunities for you to join a class with us. 


Instructor-led Classes

Our fantastic Indoor Cycling Instructors help you get the most out of your class - pushing your fitness to the next level whilst keeping each class fun and varied. The instructor will choose the right music, lighting, instructions and level to make your class just right!


Open Sessions

Open Sessions mean you can come down and use the studio for your own training. These sessions will be Instructor-less but will have mood lighting and music to continue the immersive experience. If you don't fancy a class but would like to use the studio then these sessions are for you. Ask at reception for more information!

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