Health and physical activity come hand in hand and we know the importance of preventing physical and mental health issues later in life as Inactivity has one of the biggest financial impacts on the National Health Service.

Local Health Campaigns

Active Communities work alongside various local health campaigns to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

We support local health programmes including; dementia friendly activities, diabetes prevention exercise, MacMillan move more physical activity during and after cancer treatment and active ageing initiatives. Our staff across local facilities are trained to encourage everyone who wants to improve their health into an opportunity for them.

CALM Pledge

We at Active Communities Worcester are committed to promoting equality, inclusiveness and anti-stigma around mental health by ensuring our club is:

Caring- we encourage an environment which displays kindness and concern for others

Aware- we have club members and staff who are well informed around mental health conditions and will promote ways to support this

Listening- we will give attention and respond to participants who reach out for support

Mindful - we are aware of mental health conditions and its impact on everyone

Dementia Action Alliance

Freedom Leisure’s Active Communities Worcester is now a Local Member of the Dementia Action Alliance.

Follow the link below to visit our profile and view our action plan.

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