Health and physical activity come hand in hand and we know the importance of preventing physical and mental health issues later in life as Inactivity has one of the biggest financial impacts on the National Health Service.

The proportion of adults who are overweight or obese in Stafford is higher than the England average with 68.3% of the population with an excess weight. Across Stafford and Stone, we work with Stafford’s Public Health Team to support where we can to improve the health of local people.

exercise on referral

What is Exercise on Referral?

Exercise on Referral is a scheme to help reduce the risk of patients developing long-term health conditions, and to help with improving health of patients with specific medical conditions.

Trained Exercise on Referral instructors will work with you to plan a safe and effective programme that will be tailored around your condition and exercise preferences. The programme will be set out over 12 weeks with guidance and support if you have any concerns.

 What is involved?  

- Initial one-to-one consultation with a certified instructor.
- Personalised exercise programme tailored to your needs.
- Guided run-through of your programme with your certified instructor.
- Regular progress reviews throughout your programme.


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westbridge park fitness centre - stone