Swim to Slim

September 4 2019

Swim to Slim

We are excited to bring a brand new project to Malvern Splash!

Swim to Slim is a new swimming project designed to improve your wellbeing and fitness. Focusing on swimming techniques that lend to weight management.

- Each session will be comprised of swimming techniques and in water circuits.
Even better, we have found space in the pool before the standard work day starts, so the sessions are less likely to interfere with your already busy schedules. A fantastic way to start your day, designed to give you more energy, greater confidence, reduced stress and many other benefits!

Each week, by attending the session you will earn yourself a FREE pass to return during the week to practice what you have learnt.
At only £35, you will be receiving 16 swimming sessions, 8 of which are delivered by a qualified and passionate instructor!

Members receive a £5 discount making the project only £30 for the entire 8 weeks! 

Spaces are limited so be sure to get in touch.

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