Across Malvern Hills District we develop a wide range of opportunities and programmes with many local groups and organisations. Some of the key groups we work with in Malvern include:










































Malvern Hills District Council

We work with Malvern Hills District Council to develop physical activity opportunities for all district priority groups; 50+, Women and Girls, Children and young people. Disabilities and those on low income.


When Malvern Hills District Council appointed Freedom Leisure as its new leisure operator in April 2015. We were seeking an operator who would not only maintain high standards of customer service within the Council’s three leisure centres, but also to bring innovative solutions to the delivery of our pre-tender key objectives; including, to improve the quality of life for all our communities. Freedom Leisure demonstrated a sound understanding of our communities needs and demographics and through the introduction of an Active Communities Officer, set about developing a plan that would deliver against our five key target areas. Including, reducing rural isolation and increasing participation of our older people, by taking activity to the community. Encouraging women and girls to get active through projects such as the ThisWorcsGirlCan campaign. Introducing holiday camps, community fun days, sports coaching activities and much more for our children and young people. Facilitating a new Inclusivity and Physical Activity Networking group to support our disability community and lastly to support our deprived communities with free activities and bespoke opportunities in partnership with our housing provider. Key to the success of Freedom’s Active Communities offer, is their commitment to partnership working with the Council and our partners, innovation and continual improvement. Moving forward, the Council looks forward to working alongside Freedom Leisure to continue to deliver against one of the Council’s three corporate priorities - ‘Building Stronger and Healthier Communities’.

Mark Hammond, Contracts and Development Manager, Malvern Hills District Council



Action For Children 

We work with Action for Children to develop physical activity opportunities for young people. Projects such as; SaturDads, family fun events and xplorer.


"We work with Active Communities to deliver joint events including a monthly Dad's group, where Dad's and male carers can spend time being active in a fun way with their children, a programme of summer activities ie: orienteering, swimming. We also promote projects run by Freedom leisure's community team eg: youth work - Friday Night Project Working with Active Communities has meant we have been able to offer families a wide range of free physical activities with professionally trained coaches who have brought fun, inclusion and enthusiasm in a non judgmental way to a variety of sessions throughout the year. They are very inclusive in their partnership work and are open to working in different ways to deliver a full programme of activities locally across a wide rang of ages. Adele Hodges and Maresha Grewal are very innovative in their ideas to break down barrier to enable more inclusivity. We really look forward to working in partnership in the future to develop the health and well-being of local families and young people."

- Community Development Worker, Action For Children.



Fortis Living 

We work with Fortis Living to develop physical activity opportunities for the Malvern Hills Residents. Projects such as; walking football, Introduction to fitness for women and girls and family fun events.


“Freedom Leisure & Fortis Living share a commitment to reach people in our communities who would not normally have the confidence or money to engage in fitness activities, to offer opportunities and support to engage in activities which can make sustainable improvements to their health and well-being. In Malvern, Freedom & Fortis, along with other partners like the local children’s centre, have worked together to put on a wide range of activities and opportunities; 6 family activities across the 6 weeks of summer, other seasonal events, a community newsletter for the Area of Highest Need (Pickersleigh) and free or low cost opportunities for pre-school, primary school, teenagers, families, older people and people of any age. Low income families were able to take part in a pool party and lower cost gym memberships have enabled some tenants to keep active. There’s a real spirit of collaboration between the teams (and other Malvern partners), with everyone involved recognizing that we can offer so much more to our communities by working together than we could by working alone. Freedom’s Active Communities Malvern bring ideas, energy and fun to any events or activities that they are involved with planning or running. Fortis communities benefit greatly from our partnership with Active Communities Malvern and both teams are committed to exploring new opportunities to reach more people and support them to make positive life changes.”

- Chris Reed, Community Development Team Leader, Fortis Living



We work with the Love Tenbury partnership group to provide free activities across holiday periods in Tenbury. Supporting rural and low income families. 

Love Tenbury (Church Outreach Project) has been working with active communities for over a year now. Finding way to engage people in social and healthy activities provided in partnership with various community partners This has helped the local church reach out in love to hundreds of people in the local community, has enhanced social capital and has helped local partners reach some of their own objectives. The key to success has been positive relationship with active communities that has offered free access to activities to a huge cross section of our community

Mark Inglis, Love Tenbury Lead and Team Vicor