Across Hastings we have an Active Communities Officer who works with local organisations to get local communities more active. Through external funding and grants along with strong partnership working across Hastings, the Officer, through their active communities Plan, develops a range of sport, play and physical activity programmes for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We also develop additional programmes in our leisure centres and support with big events in the Hastings area.

Martin Eglington – Active Communities Officer

  • Providing inclusive sports and physical activity opportunities
  • Providing targeted opportunities to encourage healthy habits in children and young people and assist in preventing local ASB
  • Creating and delivering a sports and physical activity programme tailored towards older people that also helps reduce social isolation
  • Working in partnership with local health services to host programmes that help people improve their Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental well-being

Contact Martin via;

Email –

Phone – 07523514878