active workforce

Businesses are being asked to do more in terms of supporting their workforces to be healthier. From regular breaks and supporting employees to take part in sport and physical activity. Businesses face rising costs in terms of ill health and absenteeism at work, with the current cost to the UK economy around £15 billion per year.

We want to get all people more active, including those who find their working life in Arun a reason for not being as active as they may want. As ‘sitting is the new smoking’, we want to work with more local businesses to find out what their employees would love to do with us to get more active around their job. We offer corporate memberships for 24 businesses in Arun and workplace health challenges for employees to participate in.

Our Active Communities Team in Arun works with Angmering School and Littlehampton Academy Sixth form colleges and Chichester University to provide opportunities to volunteer with our teams. Find out current volunteer and placement opportunities below...

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships offer you a reduced monthly rate. The only condition is that we have minimum of 10 people per company joining. Your membership includes unlimited use of gym, classes and swimming. Our corporate members include NHS, Emergency Services, West Sussex County Council and The Body Shop. For more information please email or

Workplace Health

The workplace is a setting where many people spend the largest proportion of their time and therefore can play a key role in contributing to the health of their employees and in turn the health of their organisation. Having a healthy and productive workforce should be every organisation’s ambition. Within Active Communities we are always looking for ways to help businesses with their health and wellbeing, including sports tournaments and specific programmes for your business. You can find details of the next Workplace tournament below as and when we have the details.