The membership that does it all

a week in the life of a Freedom Leisure centre member

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your fitness journey or supercharge your existing one, finding the right place to help you reach your goals is key.

If you can’t quite decide what you want from your membership – or maybe you just want it all – then joining a leisure centre could be the one-stop-fitness-shop you didn’t know you were looking for.

Nowadays, with so many options to choose from it’s hard to know which membership is actually worth paying for, or even where to start to find the perfect one.

Before you decide, there are a few things to consider.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your personal fitness goals? Do you want to get strong in the gym, have fun in group classes or play sport?
  • Would you like access to a swimming pool? Do you want to learn to swim, improve your stroke, or use the pool to improve fitness?

  • Are people important to you? Would you benefit from coaching or support from qualified trainers? Or just feel happier knowing you have people on hand should you need them?
  • Are you interested in a single activity or would you prefer the flexibility to choose between several? 

  • What about the kids – would you like the membership you choose to provide options for them too, so you can spend time together as a family being active?

What can a Freedom Leisure membership offer that other gyms can’t?

When you join a leisure centre there’s no need to split your monthly fitness budget across multiple venues. A single membership really can do it all – it’s the jack of all trades and master of many – with everything you need all under one roof:

  • Flexible, cost effective membership options – from swim only membership to all-inclusive, multi-centre passes for individuals, couples or all the family.
  • Fully equipped, high spec gyms to rival private health clubs – without the over inflated prices!
  • Multi-use sports halls to play team sports, such as football or netball and courts for racket sports such as tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis.
  • As well as indoor space, centres often have outdoor sports facilities too – grass pitches, artificial pitches and athletics tracks.
  • A wider choice of group exercise classes per week ranging from indoor cycling, aerobics, HIIT and weights, to yoga, Pilates, core and aqua classes.
  • When it’s time to relax and recover, some of our centres have saunas, steam rooms and therapy rooms offering massages, holistic therapies, beauty and physio treatments.
  • Fully staffed centres during working hours, to support with fitness journey and ensure safety.
  • Cafes and community spaces for hire by local clubs, groups and organisations.
    With so much on offer and membership options that can flex and adapt with your changing needs, staying motivated is easy, and lots of fun too.

Here’s what a typical week in the life of a Freedom Leisure member might look like…


Start the week on a high with Freedom Leisure’s very own ignite® class (the latest in functional training) – this focused all-body workout gets the heart pumping to leave you buzzing for the rest of the day.


The latest course of adult swimming lessons starts tonight so hit the pool for an hour of swim coaching with qualified instructors to brush up on your stroke.

Our swimming lessons are suitable for everyone from complete beginners up to seasoned swimmers wanting to become more efficient in the water to shave seconds off their times. One-to-one coaching sessions are available alongside group lessons of similar abilities.

Read more about adult swimming lessons with Freedom Leisure on our blog.


It’s Junior Bootcamp this afternoon in the sports hall so why not do whatever takes your fancy whilst the kids are kept on their toes playing fun fitness games.


Today is the day you finally join the Aqua Aerobics class your friend keeps recommending.

This low impact exercise is great for increasing flexibility, muscle strength and relieving stress and anxiety. You can already feel the benefits of this week’s swimming lesson!

Spend an hour in the pool and join classmates in the onsite café for the weekly catch up over coffee.


Gym time!

You want to learn how to lift weights so you’ve booked a PT session with a qualified instructor. At last week’s consultation you discussed your fitness and nutrition goals with your trainer so today you start your tailored programme. And who said leisure centre gyms aren’t as good as private clubs? They have all the same kit and more, plus something for all abilities; from beginners to advanced.

Find out what to expect from a Freedom Leisure PT session and learn more about the benefits of strength and conditioning on our blog.


Rest day!

But you do fancy booking out a tennis court and have a game with the family…


After a fun-packed and energising week it’s time to recharge!

On the menu: a gentle, flowing yoga class followed by a swim whilst the kids attend a  birthday party at the centre.

As you settle down on the mat for practice you feel grateful that the whole family can enjoy so many ways to get active at the same place… and as they are enjoying their activities so much, it leaves you time for a cheeky sauna too.

Want a membership that works hard?

joining a leisure centre is a one-stop-fitness-shop.

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