How to change your body & improve confidence for summer

Summer is fast approaching and it is the time of year when many of us want to feel a little more confident, right? The good news is that with around ten weeks to go, there is still time for everyone, whatever your current level of fitness is, to make some positive changes.

And, if you have less than ten weeks don’t worry you can still make a difference too!

With exercise, they say that….

In 2 weeks you’ll feel it

In 4 weeks you’ll see it

In 8 weeks you’ll hear it

And we say… in 10 weeks you can be there!

So don’t delay, start today! #starttoday

We operate 75 leisure centres around the UK and they offer a great place to work-out – they are well equipped yet relaxed, and are staffed by fitness experts.

For this blog we have enlisted the help of one of those experts, Freedom Leisure Fitness Instructor, Robyn Taylor.

Robyn has devised a quick and simple workout consisting of 8 top exercises to achieve maximum results in 10 weeks!

Here’s the science bit…

The advantage of using weights and resistance in your training is that your muscle mass will increase, which is crucial for your body to burn fat. If you’re looking for that magic way to increase your metabolism then building muscle is it!

Some women may be a little nervous of doing weights and resistance training for fear of getting “too muscly” but there is no need to worry. Women do not have the hormonal support to gain muscle mass like men so instead muscle definition will improve.

The best bit is – the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns both during and after exercise. Mix this ultimate workout with a healthy, balanced diet and stay hydrated for great results!

Here are my top eight exercises to give you maximum results, do this set at least three times a week. Push hard for the short time the routine takes and you’ll change your body. These exercises can be done at home, however, in a gym you’ll have a choice of equipment and the gym team on hand to push you harder and keep you on track.

Robyn Taylor, Freedom Leisure Fitness Instructor

Don’t forget to warm up for about 5 minutes beforehand. Start with low impact and increase range of movement. Try and incorporate some of the movements from the exercises below if possible – this will ensure the correct muscles are nice and warm.

Exercise 1: Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

Kettlebell sumo deadlift position 1Kettlebell sumo deadlift position 2Kettlebell sumo deadlift position 3

This lift has a major impact on your metabolism due to the large amount of muscles needed to perform it well. Legs, back, arms and core muscles all get a fantastic workout.

Performed correctly it will also challenge the postural muscles of the upper back, to help counteract the hours we spend sat down at a desk or at the wheel.

Exercise 2: Plank Hand Lift

Plank hand lift position 1 Plank hand lift position 2Plank hand lift position 3Plank hand lift position 4

This works on the core. For better conditioned stomach muscles and core stability, and to help keep the body strong for all other exercises you do. Also, stronger core muscles which may help to reduce lower back pain.

Exercise 3: Bag/Barbell/Viper Clean

Bag/barbell/Viper clean position 1Bag/barbell/Viper clean position 2Bag/barbell/Viper clean position 3Bag/barbell/Viper clean position 4

This exercise can be done with a range of equipment, it targets the entire body. The movement should be fluid and one move.

Exercise 4: Barbell Thruster

Barbell Thruster position 1Barbell Thruster position 2Barbell Thruster position 3

They really target your whole body including the cardiovascular system.

Exercise 5: Push Up

Push up position 1Push up position 1Push up position 3

A move that many may find tricky to start with but one that is a really effective. It is also a good indicator of progression. It uses the chest, shoulder and tricep muscles. Holding a good position also works your core.

Exercise 6: Lunge

Lunges position 1Lunges position 2Lunges position 3

Another move which works on big powerful muscles groups for good results, if you build these muscles up, even just slightly your metabolism will increase! Lunges work your glutes and core very well, the glutes being the biggest muscle in the body is the reason for the big results. They are great for balance and stability too.

Exercise 7: Bent Over Row

Bent over row position 1Bent over row position 2Bent over row position 3Bent over row position 4

Do these to really work your back muscles. This is a good one for posture and retracting your shoulder blades. Working your upper back muscles, , upper arms and forearms for grip strength.  A great workout for the core too when holding a good bent over position.

Exercise 8: Burpees

Burpees position 1 Burpees position 2Burpees position 3Burpees position 4Burpees position 5

Yes they can be tough but these are the final push to get those results you want and once you’re done, the set is finished – so go strong!  Burpees are a full body exercise, flat to floor then coming through to stand and jump overhead – they really get your heart pumping!

Now you know the 8 moves, you need to know the structure

Simply do each one for 30-60 seconds with just 15 seconds rest in between each one!

Once you’ve done all 8 you’ve earnt a 2 minute rest.

Repeat the entire set 3-5 times.

End with stretches, not only to avoid injury but prevent muscles soreness – so that you are ready to go again soon!

We have created a FREE print at home guide for you – download here